Thursday, April 9, 2009

Exit 59

There is just a feeling that I get, when I see the sign "Exit 59 Cedar City" that leaves me feeling ridiculously excited about life! For those of you who have never been to Cedar, I highly suggest you make it part of your next road trip itinerary. The red mountains against the city is enough to leave anyone breathless. I think I am somewhat bias, but I mostly think it is because of how I grew as a person there and the things I learned about myself. I have come to recognize that my love for Cedar never would have developed to what it is now, if I never would have left. I have come to appreciate it for what it is! When I go back I instantly have so many memories rush back to me. As I make my way to my home, many memories come back; dragging main with friends, while belting out Carrie Underwood with the windows down and thinking we looked so hot and that all the guys wanted us...I mean, why would they not?!

As I pass Wendy's I remember the times during the Summer Games. Larissa and I had shifts that started at 6 am and and did not end until 4:30, the line was out the door all day and I wanted more than anything to take the "Busses Welcome" off our sign and add an air conditioner to the drive-thru window. Do you guys have ANY idea how many soccer players compete in the Summer Games? About 1,000 too many! 

As I pass Mr. Bubbles I recall the time with Courtney and Tenille of washing Court's car. The passenger side window (where I was fortunate enough to be sitting) got mysteriously stuck... The entire duration of the car wash. We got soaked. Court later told us that it actually was not stuck and she just was holding down the button. We were furious at the time, can not stop laughing whenever I think back on it now. Of course these are just 3 of the thousands and thousands of memories I have of Cedar City. Bike riding, Track meets, Park Discovery tag, Super Wal-Mart (no trip to Cedar is complete unless you stop here), Canyon Park swings, the Metro, Garren's roof, the Bug, friend's houses, and so many more. The size, the people, the location, my schools, the smell, the mountains, my house, everything about Cedar is enough to cause me to smile!

     So the real reason for this post is because I went home this last weekend. Just consider that a super long introduction to the events of my weekend. Well it was General Conference and I was really excited to be home. It is one of those things that when you are not there you can imagine exactly what your family is doing, and you miss it terribly. Well I did not have to miss it, because I was actually there! I loved everything about conference, as I am sure most of you did! The spirit was incredibly strong, and despite the popular belief of people I know, you actually CAN feel the spirit when you are not in the Conference Center! ;)

 It was also Saryn's Junior Prom on Saturday and being Junior Class Vice President, she had to do a lot, if not all, of the planning. It turned out amazing! She looked absolutely beautiful, thanks to the artistic abilities of my mother and I, oh and of Saryn's natural beauty that made enhancing it a breeze! My mom made her dress and I was ridiculously jealous of the orange and wish that I would have asked for an orange dress when I was still getting asked to things like that! I also realized that I have been incredibly spoiled having the mother I do! 

I will just have to tell my kids to go to Grandma if they want amazing stuff like that! Of course Krista, Annie and I had to make an appearance at Cedar High's Prom. It is fine that people think I can not get out of high school. It was my sisters work and I know in my heart that I am so over high school, and would never go back! ;) 

     After our grand appearance at Prom we went back to my house and just chilled. I love doing that. I love my house and I love my couches, and my carpet, and my family room and not feeling stressed about anything. My brother, Bryson, came home and I just can not even believe what a stud he is. Girls practically fawn over him, and he is my little brother. I love him. Anyway, he hung out with us for a while and apparently he had had a long day, because these are the kind of pictures we started taking...
 Yes, he is wearing a tiara in this photo.
As for this one, I don't even know what to say! So hot right?

Love my family, love Cedar, and I love being able to go and visit. I think that is something that I take for granted too often. From this post, you would think that I am ridiculously home sick and I hate what I am doing with my life. FALSE. I am obsessed with college and Provo and I currently am in LOVE with my life!


Annie Gardner

Bryson is a star! Haha..Oh man Kendra I love 3 things right now.
1. When you come to Cedar
2. When you post something new
3. Bryson haha. Just kidding, #3 is you. I love Kendra! haha


so fun! You just made me homesick. I am so glad you now have a blog. I could read it all day. So for my kids sake don't post very often. hahaha


This also made me want to come home...not necessarily to Cedar, though there are things I love there. Mostly I just want to be at home with my family. I miss you all terribly.


as you should!!!

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