Thursday, December 16, 2010

Because nothing big has been going on...

because this blog is for the little, mundane things that happen as well right?

Well that, and I REALLY do not want to be studying for my last two finals that were so rudely scheduled for the very last day! So I am blogging instead! :)

Well this week has just been work, studying and finals. I had 8 to take this week and took 6 between Monday and Tuesday. My little act of defiance. They are going to make me test from 11-6 on Friday, I just will not take any Wednesday or Thursday...No one really cares that I did that except me, but oh well. It felt good to do it anyway.

Helaman was on an intramural football team for the last few months (The Gomers!) and they did amazing! We got up to the championship game...and then just did not perform up to par. It was fun to go watch and all the boys had so much fun playing! Helaman, Westin and Craig all playing football together again, just like Cedar High Days! :) I do not actually have any picture of the boys playing, but look how stinkin cute my nephew is!!

He is adorable...that is his 'cheese' face! Anyway, that was an enjoyable activity. We also have been just enjoying Cougar sporting activities like crazy. CU has been pretty dormant since football ended, with a few assignments from marketing here and there to help out. For the home opener we went and put out thousands of t shirts and pom pom on the seats of the student section. That was exciting!

Just chillin on the gym floor before the game. Perks of having to be at the Marriott 3 hours before the doors even open for a game...we get real great seats and don't even have to wait in line! :) So nice,

In other news, my cousin Cali had a baby! You didn't even know right?! ;) Anyway, he is adorable and I wish I had more time to spend with baby Hudson. But if you didn't know, Cali's husband Nate, just happens to attend the U...we still try to be very cordial to each other.(Just Kidding, we love each other) But I thought that it would be appropriate to raise up Husdon right, since he probably won't be getting that from his dad.
So I purchased him some REAL nice BYU apparel...shirts of all sizes and a hat, so he can be adorned in appropriate clothing for many years to come! :) He will thank me when he is older for sure!

 One perk of having a 7:00 am class is the fact that when I walk to campus, I get to see this.... every morning.

It is absolutely beautiful. Watching the sun come up over the mountains with the wild flowers right there in that open expanse of land... (if they are dead, I promise they actually were once there and they were gorgeous.) Althought I do LOVE looking at this as I walk across campus to get to the McKay Building, I am pretty sure I could forego it, and just have class at 9. ;) That is the only benefit of having class that early.

That was like the most random post of my life. It was kind of fun though right? I have SO many  more pictures from the last home football game; so depressing, not the game. We won, it was good. Just the fact that it was the last one. As well as pictures from Thanksgiving and other fun festivities I have participated in.

Next time you hear from me, I will be done with my finals!! I am going to the Mo Tab concert on Sunday featuring David Archuleta with my boss and her husband and I could not be more excited!! I do not get to go home until Tuesday due to a wedding engagement we have on Monday night. But I am so stoked for Christmas break, it is SERIOUSLY needed and my ENTIRE family will be there. I love this time of year so much.

ASLOOO, I can not believe I almost forgot this, next semester, I only have FOURTEEN credits!!!!! After two 18 credit semesters I could not be more excited to only be taking 14. That is the least amount I have ever had in my entire college career. I almost cry with joy sometimes when I look at my schedule. :)

Until next time, Merry Christmas!

We “cannot bear all things now,” but the Lord “will lead [us] along,” as we “give place” in our thoughts and schedules and “give away” our sins, which are the only ways we can begin to make room to receive all that God can give us.
Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus!
Elder Neal A. Maxwell
My real cute nieceS!! Love that I can say that now! :) Allie and Kate

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Once Upon a Time in Second Grade...

  • Miss Haynie FINALLY got a boyfriend. (He may or may not be 7...but he is the one who asked if we could date when we got into high school!) He made me flowers out of pattern blocks on my last day, and gave me silly bands!
  • I introduced myself and held up objects that described different things about me. I held up a BYU Football poster (because that is my life!) and there were 5 little boys who stood up and said, "I love the Utes!!! They are going to beat the Cougars." haha well wow, this is going to be a long four weeks! ;) We all got a long great anyway!
  • I decided that college is WAY lame! I knew I should of stayed in the land of 5 sentences and 5 colors required for writing assignments, recess, carpet time, playing dodge ball and Star Wars at PE, and read aloud!
  •  I learned how important it is to truly teach by and with the spirit. I know that I would not have been a near as effective teacher without it. 
  • I dominated by observations by my facilitator and Professors! :)
  • I had to wear teacher clothes every day. Not to mention close toed shoes. My wardrobe definitely had to be added to. I always rock jeans and flip flops. Two things not allowed as a teacher!
  • I laughed probably more than is appropriate at my adorable little students. I tried to hide it, but they just had the best quotes ever! Another post will most likely be completely devoted to those! Be excited.
  • I may or may not of had a crush on an 8 year old boy. You just had to meet him. He was brilliant beyond belief, the nicest and more caring boy I have ever come in contact with (not just 8 year old boys, boys in general), he was more willing to help out and teach other students in the class than is even normal for a 2nd grader.  This same little boy came up to me and said, "Miss Haynie! Guess what? Tomorrow I am going to be the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. I am going to be baptized and all my sins will be washed away!" My heart overflowed with happiness at his excitement. He was blonde and blue eyed...his only flaw; he came to school dressed in Ute attire WAY to frequently. But I blame that on his parents. He has no control over what he wears everyday! 
  • I taught real awesome guided reading lessons. We read "Song Lee and the I Hate You Notes". Remember Horrible Harry? Yeah, it is from the same classroom. It was great.
  • I cried. I decided every May is going to be real rough for me. Leaving has never been my strong point, especially beautiful children, and I seem to be making a habit of it. My Ghanaian children, my 2nd graders... never ending! It is awful. 
  • I met and fell in love with the most beautiful children. Mosiah 3:19; "becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father." holds so much more meaning for me than it has before. We, as adults, are so good at making things way more difficult and complex than they need to be! We are children of God and have the opportunity to be such good example to those around us.

The last month and week of my life has been spent at Southland Elementary in Riverton, UT. There I became Miss Haynie and a hero to so many beautiful 7 and 8 year olds. I started lesson planning for hours every night and went to bed before 11. We had to leave Provo every morning by 7, which meant I was waking up WAY too early for it to be healthy. We still had classes when we came back to Provo after teaching for a full day and they were some of the most amazing and hardest days of my life! I learned a lot about myself as a person and really grew as a teacher. God reaffirmed my decision many times throughout the experience that I actually was in the right major and that teaching elementary school is exactly where I belong. As hard as it is, and is going to continue to be I know that I am doing the right thing and with that, am entitled help from above. How grateful am I for that?! VERY.

I am sorry you can not see pictures of my beautiful children. It is illegal. You can thank FERPA!
Katie and Jenn. Most frequent site for me on our way to school in the morning. ;)
Halloween in Elementary School, WAY more fun than as an adult. We got to have a parade!! :)  

Picture of just a portion of my classroom. It was real small, but not small enough to fit in one camera angle.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some Beach...Somewhere...

This particular beach just happens to be in the wonderful place called Puerto Penasco, Mexico...or to us whities, Rocky Point!

Thanks to an invite given by the Lansing and LynAnn Ellsworth family 11 years ago, we have become hooked and have made it our business to go back to that beautiful beach and warm ocean water every year.

Unfortunately, more than once, I have thought that school should take precedence over my family and the Mexico trip...what a bad decision. This year, my senior year, when school is more pressing and very important to be there...I have decided to skip out on three days (which apparently is death in my major according to one of my...favorite...professors) and go to Rocky, and I could not be more thrilled with my decision! :)

Here's to a week in Mexico! :)
Only 5 more days!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Being in the El Ed Program...

Elementary Education. One of the most mocked majors on most college campuses I would guess. It definitely is on mine. Oh how I wish they could just be in the major for a week.

I did not understand what I was getting myself into when I decided my freshmen year of college that I was going to double major in Elementary Education and Early Childhood. I thought this was the reasonable choice as one day I did want to start my own pre school, so I could be at home with my kids and still bring in an income, but knew that I could not do that right out of college. So I thought, "Well it will be nice to have the wide range of options for starting my career right after I get my degree." So I decided to do both. Hah, how brilliant of me!

My Pre schoolers from a couple years back...aren't they adorable?!

Although most people scoff and mock when I tell them I have to read 60 picture books in a week, or make a table top theater, or create a sock puppet and develop it's character, or write an entire art unit to span a 2 month period, or design my own music book complete with lyrics, hand drawn pictures and at least 10 pages for homework....they in all reality have no idea.

All those examples came from my "Arts Semester" last semester. This semester is my first practicum. Also known as our literacy practicum.  Most of our subject matter revolves around teaching children how to read. This is a difficult task. I sometimes have nightmares about teaching children and all of them leaving not knowing how to read and coming back to tell me how I screwed up their about stressful. I do not think people really step back and evaluate who has had such a large impact on where they have gotten in their lives today.

You would not believe how often I am told, "Elementary Education...way too take the easy way out." If they only knew... How difficult a task it is too keep a running record while children read. If they only knew how difficult it is to write lesson plans; with 4 different models to appease all of your different teachers. If they only knew how difficult it is to decide when to use guided reading/writing, interactive reading/writing, shared reading/writing, independent reading/writing in the classroom and when to choose a different one. How difficult it is to teach math. Base ten, algorithms, fractions, numbers, conservation of numbers etc. Being able to explain why and how to teach it in multiple ways as to make sure those that are not the 'typical' learners are also able to grasp the concept. Teachers bring them their first experience learning about the community, the state, the US and the world. You have to teach inquiry learning and get them excited to learn science. All those things are so important and we have not even touched on the example teachers are leaving for their students! Teachers are spending more time with them per day, while awake, than their parents are. What caliber of person are you? Teaching them to love and become a lifelong learner and helping to determine and define their future.

Taking the easy way out? Not the first thought that comes to my mind.

Just maybe it is one of the hardest professions? Maybe...

We are told in every single one of our classes that we have chosen the most challenging profession. I feel like often times our teachers practice speeches they are going to give us, to try and scare us out of our major. So why are we doing it? Why have we signed up to work 19 hour days, where work comes home with us and follows us around on the weekends? Why have we agreed to be so much more than just a teacher of academics in all of these children's lives? Why have we decided that taking 18 credits a semester and having zero social life, because homework consumes your every waking moment, is a good idea?

I can tell you one thing, it is definitely not for the big bucks! Starting Utah teachers are making a whopping 27 grand a year, and that is if you are lucky! (Wyoming is where it's at, 1st year teacher: $42,000. Sign me up!) It is definitely not because we automatically get summers off. No, that is not it, because that is mostly not true. Nor is it because we get 2 recesses during the day...although I am real stoked to have recess again! ;)

No, it is because I want to make a difference. I want to be the kind of teacher that as my students get older write papers on because I was someone they thought highly of. I want to change lives. I want to have the love and adoration of 28 some odd children each year, and have them come back and visit me and tell me news that is going on in their lives. I want to gain new best friends every single year. I want to be a person that children trust and can come to if something in their life is not right. I want to be the one who makes them want to be a better person and them me. I want to be changed, every day by something that my adorable children teach me.

And that, that is why I am going to be a teacher. That is why the stress and heartache of my schooling will be worth it. Now, it is my job every day to remember. 

President Monson said,
"The teacher not only shapes the expectations and ambitions of her pupils, but she also influences their attitudes toward their future and themselves. If she is unskilled, she leaves scars on the lives of youth, cuts deeply into their self-esteem, and distorts their image of themselves as human beings. But if she loves her students and has high expectations of them, their self-confidence will grow, their capabilities will develop, and their future will be assured. The influence of teachers in fashioning personality and in shaping careers can hardly be overestimated. It makes no difference whether or not she or he is teaching literature or mathematics or science or any other subject of the curriculum. The teacher must win from students the faith that moves mountains. When the teacher succeeds, near-miracles happen. Suddenly a pupil is awakened to an enthusiastic interest in some aspect of learning and begins to read widely without being urged. Another discovers in himself powers that he did not know he had. Another decides to seek better companions. In a flash of inspiration, still another makes a decision that leads to a lifetime career. The impelling force, the dynamo, in that room is very often a quiet, gracious personality with love in her heart for her young charges, a love never directly referred to, but there always."

What an INCREDIBLE opportunity and responsibility! 
Am I up and qualified for it? 
Man, I sure hope so!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh School...

Do you like my new layout?! I sure hope so. I am kind of obsessed with it, and seeing as how it is all I EVER think about, I thought it was fitting.

Also, guess what I got last week in class?! A BOOK ORDER!! It was the happiest day of my life. No wonder my mom hated when we got those things. You want to buy everything you see. Because I have felt deprived of book orders (my mom had way too many kids, with way too many book orders to ever buy anything) I might have gone a little overboard. I just spent $51.00. But in my defense, I got the first 25 Magic Tree House books for just 30 dollars! That is a dang good deal (they are typically $5.00 a piece)! And my teacher library is supposed to have 100 to 150 books when I finally get into my classroom. I currently have four, and I stole those from my mom. So it was high time I started my own collection. I also got the brand new Flat Stanley book and that came in a set, as well as two new Fancy Nancy books!That was a tough decision, it was either Flat Stanley or Junie B. Jones and after counseling with my mom, I decided upon Flat Stanley.

Did you even know that as a teacher when your students buy books from the book order that you accumulate points and then you can get free books?! I had no idea! Oh the joys.

Thanks Scholastic! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The line-up

Let's just talk for a minute about how incredibly blessed I am ok?! Ok, thanks. Mostly, I am immensely blessed in SO many facets of my life. But here is just one I want to address right now. Over the last 72 hours I have had the opportunity of being in the same room with/be spiritually enlightened by/been overcome with the spirit because of these following individuals.

My stake conference line-up from this last Sunday:
Conducting and the 1st speaker, Elder Steven E. Snow of the 70.

2nd in line to speak, Sister Julie B. Beck, of the Relief Society General Presidency.

Next up, none other than my favorite (as much favorite as you can have) Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the 12!

Last, but most certainly not least for my STAKE conference, Elder Boyd K. Packer, also of the 12!

So this, that stuff up above, I would say makes for a pretty amazing Sunday wouldn't you?! Oh, but it does not end there. 5:00 pm Saryn and I headed back up to the Marriott Center to be enlightened by this amazing man, Elder Richard G. Scott.

So that ended my incredible Sunday evening, and the school week started. Then the entire University had the opportunity to listen to this man, who happens to go by the name of Elder Robert D. Hales.

I know right?!?! Isn't that incredible?! When I went to Church in Ghana I was asked if I had ever met the prophet. I kind of giggled to myself as they assumed if you were from Utah you got to meet the prophet. So although I have never met President Monson personally (although when I was in Madrigals in high school I did get to sing for him), I am so amazingly blessed to be able to go and be in the same room as these men (and women) who are called of God to lead and guide this Church. It was/is truly amazing.

I am grateful for this Church and for the Gospel. My testimony of it is constantly growing and for that I am thankful. It brings me the greatest happiness. What an opportunity I have living somewhere I do that I get to be graced by the love and spirit that these wonderful leaders carry.

It has been an amazing last 72 hours! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

School Mode?... I forgot how!

I just don't remember how to do school. I know you guys are all probably thinking that this is my fourth year of college (I AM A SENIOR IN COLLEGE...WHAT?!?!) and I should probably be familiar with and readily used to switching back into school mode. But it isn't true.

Some updates:

  • I went home for a quick 24 hours the weekend before  school started. A little parent time, a little sibling time, and most importantly, got to watch Bryson play VARSITY in the Cedar High Football game. Man, I miss those things!
  • My new ward is pretty sweet...Super Cute Sunday was a success!;)
  • I still am serving as the Stake Activities co-chair and on the compassionate service committee.
  • Class at 7:30 am went pretty well last week...As for this week; I don't know how it works but somehow it gets earlier every day. 
  • I live for the weekends.
  • Friday has officially become my least favorite day of the week. Yes, this is heartbreaking. But if you had class straight from 7:30 to 2:00 and then 2.5 hours of work, you might just feel the same.
  • BYU Football completes my life. I pretend I love all BYU Sports equally...I am in fact a liar. I am a die hard, live, breathe, eat and sleep BYU football. I love it. 2nd row seats are going to treat me pretty well this season.
  • Cougar United had a tailgate party (As we do before every home game, 2 hours before kick off. COME!) and it was a huge success. Despite our lack of advertising and publicity there were still tons of people there. Free pizza, t-shirts, face painting, poster making, dancing, music and BYU Trivia. We know how to throw a good party.
  • I am still loving my job at the Key Office. Shawna is the best boss ever and I have the greatest co workers in the whole world. 
  • I adore my roommates and we have some good times. Slash they are really distracting and never allow me to do my is never my fault.
  • Campus is just constantly buzzing with excitement and that is what makes being back in school exciting. It is such a fun atmosphere. I sometimes just wish I had that minus the 15 hours of homework each week. :)
  • Tomorrow's high is in the 60's. It is September and that is not ok with me. I better not have to start wearing pants until October at least! 

Just a plethora of pictures, because they are worth 1,000 words after all.

 4-Wheeling out at 3 Peaks, definitely one of my favorite pastimes!
 We spent at least 30 minutes throwing rocks...trying to hit this. It was quite the feeling of accomplishment once it happened. :)  (Excellent shot-put form Bryson!)

My Dream...the truck...not Trevor. :)
Cougar United Tailgate party! The best, most selfless organization on campus! Give, Give, Give!
Benson, cutest little old man ever! 

Supportin' the Reds!!!! 
R-R-R-E-D M-M-M-E-N. R-E-D-M-E-N

Cutest little...slash younger brother ever! :)

    Wednesday, August 25, 2010

    Just a quick picture summary...

    Because I feel bad about only blogging once every month this whole summer...

    Here are some things that I did!! :)
    * Went to Ghana!!! I know right?! You guys had no idea I went there! ;)

    * My dearest cousin/roommate/best friend Francie married Isaac Ipson and they are adorable. It was a par-tay. Pouring rain and all!
    * Weddings all around! Kristen Lundgren (Nielson) got married in July and Juls asked a few of us old friends to come sing at their wedding dinner! It was so so fun and I love these girls SO much!
    We always have such a party!!
    * Sport Camps...Third times the charm... for me to realize that I am finally going to retire from Sports Camp Counseloring. It has treated me well and this summer was a great farewell!! I loved all of my girls and we always had so much fun!
    * Ro-day-o!! We hit up a few of these this summer...definitely not enough! But then we did some county fair going to make up for it! Love me some bull riders! :)

    *COUGAR UNITED! Pretty much been taking up my whole life as of late! This could and probably will be a blog post in and of itself. But, we are well underway and things are getting crazy with school and football right around the corner!
    **HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY KENDRA!!!! My life long dream fulfilled! I FINALLY got to go to Trafalga. For those of you who do not know, I have driven by Trafalga every single time I have ever driven up north, for my whole life. Which has been a lot since all of my favorite family members lived up there. Since I moved to Provo (which has been 3 plus years) we always pass it and I so wishfully look out the window! For my 21st, my most darling sister, Saryn, took me on a date there! Complete with date package; golf, 8 tokens and 2 dippin dots. :) It was the happiest birthday. Thanks roomies!
     *Next thing on the list, I went to Cedar! I love it there, so much. One of my very best friends Garren Mitchell Allred returned home from the England London South Mission. It was SO fun to see him and talk with him. I love when missionaries get home! :)
    *Graduation 2007 and 21st birthday!! My parents got me a brand new Kitchen Champ mixer!! Happiest day ever! I do not know how many 21 year olds would have been as ecstatic as I was with this as a gift. But it pretty much made my life! Love you SO much mom and dad!
    *Roasting smores in Caleb James Duncan's backyard! Cedar City summer evenings are the greatest! Love these people.
    *Last, but very certainly not least, I spent some time, (although not enough) with these wonderful people! From our Haynie and Pratt family reunions, up at Brian Head and Heber, to wonderful gatherings in the park. I NEVER tire from spending time with these incredible people who I am fortunate enough to get to be with for ETERNITY! Lucky me! :)
    -Minute-to-win-It Junk in the Trunk game with all the aunts. SO funny! :)

    I had an amazing summer! I am sad to see in come to an end... School and everything that accompanies it, is really going to try my faith...but I am ready to be strengthened!

    P.S. Also, I went to New York and New Jersey with Taryn to visit Bri, as you guys now. That post will just have to come later! Love you all! :)