Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Because...

 ...I wanted you all to see how cute we are! :) Absolutely adore my sisters...and Star!

All the Single Haynie's, All the Single Haynie's...
5 of the 7 Haynie girls. 
Tara, Saryn, Kendra, Becca and Bri (Bree)

You are not going to believe this!

Once upon a time I was really bored at work. I had a lot of other things I could have/should have been doing..but I was rebelling just a little. So obviously, I instead decided to google my name. Well once there, it is really quite fun. You go through seeing what "Kendra Haynie"s are really you and such. It is a good time, I suggest you try it if you have not already; which I am pretty sure everyone has at least once! So I was just going through and seeing that a lot of them were about me speaking at high school graduation, sterling scholar winner, FCCLA scores, quoted in the Daily Universe etc. I even found out that I have a profile on! So great...although not my PR's from my senior season....Annnnyyyyway, sorry I am really bad at going off on tangents. So I just was googling myself and the image below, is what I saw.

If you can not actually read it, you will see that it says Contest Winners. For those of you who do not know, Cavenders is a western wear store and where I got my most favorite footwear item I Ariat boots! I absolutely adore them and was able to justify buying them last January when I got my tax return! They are expensive little buggers.

Cute photo right?!
So I saw that, was a little confused as it did say Contest Winners:Kendra Haynie. The following conversation went down in my mind; "Wait, I am Kendra Haynie and I am from Provo, UT. Pretty sure there is not another one and pretty sure I was never a winner. What in the world?!" So I clicked on the link, and it brought up this:

Right there, Gift Card Giveaway Kendra Haynie from Provo, UT. Well, at this point I was super baffled. So I decided to write them a little message about how I am pretty sure this was me but I never had heard anything about it, but I would like to know more.

Fifteen minutes later, I get a call from a man who had the thickest southern accent I have ever heard, and obviously immediately fall in love with him...his voice. He proceeds to tell me that I am in fact a winner...of a 

$150.00 Gift Card
to Cavenders!!!!!!!! 
Apparently if you are on their mailing list (which I was because I had bought something from them) you were entered into their drawing and an email had been sent to me but because it was from a different sender it went straight to my junk mail. "Mam, if you could just please confirm this mailing address I have fer you here, I will personally make sure your gift card gets sent out first thing tomorra mornin." ...and can we get married? Thanks.

Yes Please. Holy smokes right?! What are the chances of this actually happening. Crazy! So now, I can guilt free by myself another pair of boots...or maybe a salmon pair of wranglers and sequin shirt, Rodeo Princess Style?! The possibilities are endless!!!

Moral of the story: Frequently Google yourself. You will never know what you won! :) 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

Yep, it came this year. Kind of weird that I choose to blog about the holiday Valentine's Day when I am pretty sure I did not even post about Thanksgiving or anything else, but oh well. I have some pictures and felt like I should share them. :)

It was just a pretty typical day. The Sunday before the Elders Quorum came into the end of Relief Society and sang. "I am a Child of God" to us and then handed out roses. haha It was dripping with akwardness. I loved it, for that very reason! Fun fact, there were five, I repeat FIVE, of the seven Haynie sisters in the 61st ward on Sunday. It was awesome. Janae and Shandi, we really missed you!

We then had FHE on Monday night and decided to Heart Attack the Bishop. (I did not even post about this, but Bishop Owens got released two weeks ago. I already miss him, but am super excited for Bishop Porter, Bro Hughes, and Bro Rollins. They are going to love being in the 61st ward!) Anyway, we went and heart attacked the bishops house who lives in Orem. There were five of us that went and just as we were sneaking up to his door, who pulls into the driveway? Obviously Bishop Porter and his wife! haha We probably looked super sketchy, Mike had his hood on and we were all trying to hide our plates of cookies and hearts. It was awesome. We got it done and it was such a fun activity! I just love my FHE group! ;)

We also got a PACKAGE in the mail that day. From our oh so wonderful nieces and nephews! They are just the most tender things ever. **Background: My mom always sends us a Valentine's Day package. This year she has been on HCG and did really not want the temptation of all the good stuff she makes while on maintenance for her diet. So she told us no package this year. We were a little bit sad...maybe we thought about disowning her for a second, but we are all good now. So instead my darling sister Janae and her kids made and sent us one.

I was clearly SO excited!
We got some dipped pretzels, some 'hot lips' (because we have super hot lips!) dipped in chocolate and a super cute card signed by the nieces and nephews/ Allie wrote all of their names! It was so fun! We are loved and I appreciate it.

When we got home later that night, Taryn and Matt were on their Valentine's date at our apartment. Star and I did not really know if we should leave, or just hang out with them on their date... So we chose the obvious choice and chose to hang out with them, while on their date. Matt even let us eat some of the Strawberry Shortcake he brought for him and Taryn. It was a romantic evening with the four of us (slash five, Bri came over later). haha

Creative little date planner.
Can't even handle the anticipation of what the judges have to say... Matt is praying he is the winner maybe?

They were making Valentines for each other and obviously with Matt playing, it became a contest. We were assigned to be the judges. 
No big, I am just documenting their relationship for them...because they don't.  
Aren't they tender? We like them. Saryn was also on a hot Valentine's date with Devin...which is why she is missing from the photos. Apparently Dev did not love the idea of a date at Wellington 4? Weird. But we also love them! :)

Happy Valentine's Day 2011...until next year! 


How many things were going through your mind when you read this post title?! Admit it, you are probably thinking that I am going to talk about sports, family or brown boys right?

Well, those are all incorrect... {don't get me wrong...I am actually obsessed with ALL those things}But actually, this is to talk about how I am obsessed with decorating my apartment. It is an expensive little habit I have gotten myself into. My roommates can attest that any time I get the Michaels coupons of the week, I insist on going, promise to only be there for my discounted item, and come out with way more than I had planned on! I do always get really good deals though...yes, that is me justifying my spending. Not to mention, my craft drawers (which I am really going to be needing a craft ROOM here any day) always benefit in the best ways from these excursions! I am an Elementary school teacher, I need a lot of craft supplies. :)

I just can not think of anything greater than coming home from the longest day at school/work/life to a decorated door and/or apartment. It cheers my soul better than anything!

Come the second week of January, you had better believe that I was putting up Valentine's Day decorations. Most people give me a hard time and tell me, "It is not even February yet!" But, if I were to wait until February, I would only have a mere two weeks to enjoy all of my fantastically cute decorations! That is just not enough. I become very attached to all of my decorations and they are given the highest of priority in my storage areas.

I may or may not give some of them names...

**Skelly and Scarecrow. Some of my favorites! :)

Christmas Spirit!

Yes, that heart does light up. I love it. Thanks Cal! :)

Just a little craft I made up....Cute right? ;) haha

What is going to be happening within the next week? You could probably stop by anywhere around W4 and see a whole lot of GREEN!!