Thursday, December 16, 2010

Because nothing big has been going on...

because this blog is for the little, mundane things that happen as well right?

Well that, and I REALLY do not want to be studying for my last two finals that were so rudely scheduled for the very last day! So I am blogging instead! :)

Well this week has just been work, studying and finals. I had 8 to take this week and took 6 between Monday and Tuesday. My little act of defiance. They are going to make me test from 11-6 on Friday, I just will not take any Wednesday or Thursday...No one really cares that I did that except me, but oh well. It felt good to do it anyway.

Helaman was on an intramural football team for the last few months (The Gomers!) and they did amazing! We got up to the championship game...and then just did not perform up to par. It was fun to go watch and all the boys had so much fun playing! Helaman, Westin and Craig all playing football together again, just like Cedar High Days! :) I do not actually have any picture of the boys playing, but look how stinkin cute my nephew is!!

He is adorable...that is his 'cheese' face! Anyway, that was an enjoyable activity. We also have been just enjoying Cougar sporting activities like crazy. CU has been pretty dormant since football ended, with a few assignments from marketing here and there to help out. For the home opener we went and put out thousands of t shirts and pom pom on the seats of the student section. That was exciting!

Just chillin on the gym floor before the game. Perks of having to be at the Marriott 3 hours before the doors even open for a game...we get real great seats and don't even have to wait in line! :) So nice,

In other news, my cousin Cali had a baby! You didn't even know right?! ;) Anyway, he is adorable and I wish I had more time to spend with baby Hudson. But if you didn't know, Cali's husband Nate, just happens to attend the U...we still try to be very cordial to each other.(Just Kidding, we love each other) But I thought that it would be appropriate to raise up Husdon right, since he probably won't be getting that from his dad.
So I purchased him some REAL nice BYU apparel...shirts of all sizes and a hat, so he can be adorned in appropriate clothing for many years to come! :) He will thank me when he is older for sure!

 One perk of having a 7:00 am class is the fact that when I walk to campus, I get to see this.... every morning.

It is absolutely beautiful. Watching the sun come up over the mountains with the wild flowers right there in that open expanse of land... (if they are dead, I promise they actually were once there and they were gorgeous.) Althought I do LOVE looking at this as I walk across campus to get to the McKay Building, I am pretty sure I could forego it, and just have class at 9. ;) That is the only benefit of having class that early.

That was like the most random post of my life. It was kind of fun though right? I have SO many  more pictures from the last home football game; so depressing, not the game. We won, it was good. Just the fact that it was the last one. As well as pictures from Thanksgiving and other fun festivities I have participated in.

Next time you hear from me, I will be done with my finals!! I am going to the Mo Tab concert on Sunday featuring David Archuleta with my boss and her husband and I could not be more excited!! I do not get to go home until Tuesday due to a wedding engagement we have on Monday night. But I am so stoked for Christmas break, it is SERIOUSLY needed and my ENTIRE family will be there. I love this time of year so much.

ASLOOO, I can not believe I almost forgot this, next semester, I only have FOURTEEN credits!!!!! After two 18 credit semesters I could not be more excited to only be taking 14. That is the least amount I have ever had in my entire college career. I almost cry with joy sometimes when I look at my schedule. :)

Until next time, Merry Christmas!

We “cannot bear all things now,” but the Lord “will lead [us] along,” as we “give place” in our thoughts and schedules and “give away” our sins, which are the only ways we can begin to make room to receive all that God can give us.
Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus!
Elder Neal A. Maxwell
My real cute nieceS!! Love that I can say that now! :) Allie and Kate