Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just a quick picture summary...

Because I feel bad about only blogging once every month this whole summer...

Here are some things that I did!! :)
* Went to Ghana!!! I know right?! You guys had no idea I went there! ;)

* My dearest cousin/roommate/best friend Francie married Isaac Ipson and they are adorable. It was a par-tay. Pouring rain and all!
* Weddings all around! Kristen Lundgren (Nielson) got married in July and Juls asked a few of us old friends to come sing at their wedding dinner! It was so so fun and I love these girls SO much!
We always have such a party!!
* Sport Camps...Third times the charm... for me to realize that I am finally going to retire from Sports Camp Counseloring. It has treated me well and this summer was a great farewell!! I loved all of my girls and we always had so much fun!
* Ro-day-o!! We hit up a few of these this summer...definitely not enough! But then we did some county fair going to make up for it! Love me some bull riders! :)

*COUGAR UNITED! Pretty much been taking up my whole life as of late! This could and probably will be a blog post in and of itself. But, we are well underway and things are getting crazy with school and football right around the corner!
**HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY KENDRA!!!! My life long dream fulfilled! I FINALLY got to go to Trafalga. For those of you who do not know, I have driven by Trafalga every single time I have ever driven up north, for my whole life. Which has been a lot since all of my favorite family members lived up there. Since I moved to Provo (which has been 3 plus years) we always pass it and I so wishfully look out the window! For my 21st, my most darling sister, Saryn, took me on a date there! Complete with date package; golf, 8 tokens and 2 dippin dots. :) It was the happiest birthday. Thanks roomies!
 *Next thing on the list, I went to Cedar! I love it there, so much. One of my very best friends Garren Mitchell Allred returned home from the England London South Mission. It was SO fun to see him and talk with him. I love when missionaries get home! :)
*Graduation 2007 and 21st birthday!! My parents got me a brand new Kitchen Champ mixer!! Happiest day ever! I do not know how many 21 year olds would have been as ecstatic as I was with this as a gift. But it pretty much made my life! Love you SO much mom and dad!
*Roasting smores in Caleb James Duncan's backyard! Cedar City summer evenings are the greatest! Love these people.
*Last, but very certainly not least, I spent some time, (although not enough) with these wonderful people! From our Haynie and Pratt family reunions, up at Brian Head and Heber, to wonderful gatherings in the park. I NEVER tire from spending time with these incredible people who I am fortunate enough to get to be with for ETERNITY! Lucky me! :)
-Minute-to-win-It Junk in the Trunk game with all the aunts. SO funny! :)

I had an amazing summer! I am sad to see in come to an end... School and everything that accompanies it, is really going to try my faith...but I am ready to be strengthened!

P.S. Also, I went to New York and New Jersey with Taryn to visit Bri, as you guys now. That post will just have to come later! Love you all! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Yeah, it's been a while.

I know, I know.

I really do stink at blogging...but I have had the most AMAZING summer. In case you wanted to know. I just wished I was motivated enough to let you guys all know about it. :)

But guess what?! In approximately 28 hours I will be going  HERE,

with THIS girl,

 to visit THIS girl.