Wednesday, December 2, 2009

She's my sister...

"She's about this high, she's ...shorter... than I, sometimes she helps me tie my shoe. She's my sister. And she plays with me and I hope that she is glad that I'm her sister too!"

Many of you know her, and those of you who don't...well I am pretty sure you wish you did. Recently, my sister moved away from me. To go nanny in New Jersey. She is doing amazingly and making the best of every situation that is thrown at her. We have NEVER actually lived this far apart from each other, and I am realizing, I don't really like it.

Here are just a few of the reasons why I love My sister:
  • When we shared a room, she would always clean up my was awesome.
    *Secret: She would tell me to make sure I cleaned up my room before I went to school the next day..I would always 'forget' and when I got home from school all my stuff would be picked up!*
  • She ALWAYS knows exactly what movie I am quoting and where it is located in that movie, as she goes on to quote the next line, and me the next; until everyone around us thinks we are crazy because we have been quoting a movie for the past ten minutes.
  • She wants to meet Sandy just as much as I do.
  • She is always working on her progression.
  • She follows her dreams. She sets goals and ALWAYS achieves them.
    (Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, college, graduation)
  • She is one of the hardest workers I know.
  • She is a super good baker and is so creative!
  • She has had trials in her life, and she never loses her faith in God. She is 100% trusting and willing to do whatever is required of her.
  • I have shared a room with her more years of my life than I have had my own.
  • She always made me stay up way later than my curfew allowed me to... ;)
    (Diagnosis Murder, Monopoly, "Rearranging" our bedroom)
  • "I. Got. Myyyyy very own set of designer genes, how do they make me loook?"
  • She has come so far in her fear of the male gender, it is absolutely inspiring!
  • She tried out for the Drill Team in high school, never having taken a dance class, and made it!
  • She did something similar to that in college when she tried out for Folk Dance and made it. I don't even know where she comes from.
  • She is the only person I know that color codes her crayons, markers, pencils, and gel pens on a regular basis. Notice I said codes, present tense, she just did it about a year ago!
  • She never let me color in her coloring books as a child because she was afraid I would not color in the I love her for that? Well, not really. But it was a fun fact!
  • She is so disciplined when she sets her mind to something.
  • The only time I see her cave when she is trying to eat healthy, is when it comes to her addiction to ice cream! She loves it.
  • I have so many inside jokes with her, it is ridiculous.
  • She introduced me to Yo Zone!! For that I am eternally grateful.
  • When Cal was living with us, it was her favorite thing to come in after we had already been sleeping and do 'flying squirrel' to us. She loved it.
  • After three years of being completely selfish with her water bottle, every time I have asked her for a drink in the last year she has given me one! :)
  • Last of all, and most importantly, she has an incredible testimony that is evident to anyone who talks to her. She wants what is best for everyone and for everyone to experience the joy of the Gospel.
I am completely grateful for her in my life and would not be where I am today without her. I love her so much and for so many more reasons than are listed here. I miss her presence in my everyday life.

I love you Bri!!!

She may be my sister, but I more fondly refer to her as my
Best Friend.


Cali Haynie Rutter

This is so Tender!! I love all of these pictures!! You were so chunky when you were a baby! I love it! hahaha! I had never seen most of those pictures. Adorable!

And I love Brianna for all of those reasons too!


i really liked reading this. Thanks for sharing it. Brianna--can I share a room with you?


excuse me am, but you already DID have the best roomie ever! Kendra, I just did some catching up on your blog. You are the greatest. Congrats on your acceptance to the program. I feel like I might have known that, but I don't know if we talked about it or not. That's huge! And I think one of you should marry the boy in the blue hat from last years' halloween foto. he is spicy.


um wow I didn't even realize your new blog post you had been talking about was all about wonder you asked if I had blog stalked recently! :) and these pictures are amazing! hahaha I don't even know what to say except that ahh i just love you and miss you too and I am in tears right now haha and I don't know if all of those things are true, but I have a funny story to share about coloring books :) Amber I would love to share a room with you ;) and don't worry Anna Kendra is already marrying that boy :)


i would just like to point out that when bree was a child, she looked almost exactly like Allie

Jordan and Luci

Ok, that was really sweet and all, but I can't believe you know the song, "I've got my very own set of designer jeans!" Do you also know, "I like myself, I like me. There's no one that I'd rather be! I like the way that I, I like the way that I, I like the way that I look! Don't get me wrong I'm not perfect. Faults, I've got me a few. But they don't keep me from doing the things that I like to do!" We totally did that program in like 6th grade. Ahh, you brought back some memories. You guys need to make a trip north already!

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