Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Haven't blogged in 4 weeks wha?

I had a very dear friend of mine remind me that it has been four weeks since my last blog post...thanks Riss. Although the reminder coming from her is a little strange since she is the only other person I talk to on a regular basis that does not live with me, and therefore knows everything there is to know about my life currently. But, I feel bad regardless and I hate when a month passes and then on my archive there is not a number next to it, so this posting is necessary!

But here is the issue, I just do not know what to blog about. I feel awkward just telling about my mundane life, since I have never really done that in the past, and then if nothing monumental happens I just don't blog.

But really, I would like that to be different. So here are just a few things that I have been up to.

Christmas: Completely rocked my ENTIRE world. The entire family was home and it was marvelous. Two parents, 10 children, 2 in laws (doesn't it just feel like that number should be larger?!), and SIX grandchildren/nieces and nephews. It was the best thing of my life. I can not believe how incredibly blessed I am to come from such an amazing family. One that I get to be with for ETERNITY. One where I would drop everything to be with them and would choose just hanging out with them over anything...except maybe hanging out with them at Disneyland. That would definitely win. We had the first session of Haynie Family Olympics and it was epic. (View this album for an entire picture storybook of our adventure! We had an indoor snowball  fight (aka marshmallow fight), impromptu singing sessions of 'Must Be Santa' and many others, Just Dance 1 and 2 took over our lives and our workout plan, and so many inside jokes were started there is just not room to say them all. Here are just a few images to help portray the amazingness that was our Christmas vacation. (P.S. We took thousands of photos...I am really going to try to cut it down least less than a hundred. ;)  

Combined birthday parties for some nephews!! Big #2!

Haynie Family December 2010. Tender.

Bowling Event. Winner: Mom's team! :)

Janae and Brandon Sanders. Children; Allie, Tyler, Trent and baby Kate

All the grandkids! Adam was LOVING this...clearly.  Benson, Adam, Allie holding Kate, Trent and Tyler

Keep in mind, it was FREEZING outside. Helaman and Maija Haynie. Benson and Adam

"Sisters, Sisters. There were never such devoted sisters!"

"All the single Haynie's, all the single Haynie's..." ;)

Who else would they have picked to be the angels?! Obviously this was the best choice.

Mary and baby Jesus...
Trent and Aunt Kendra
Newest addition; Baby Kate!

Benson. So adorable.
Even though it doesn't really look like it...our entire vacation did not revolve 100% around the grandkids....just probably 95% of it! :) I love them and they are just so dang lovable!

I had such a great time in Cedar City. I am kind of obsessed with it, seriously. I love it so much. I loved spending time with the amazing friends that I am blessed to have there and we all just had some good times! Bowling and almost dominating (we totally should of won Riss), a little SUU basketball, New Year's Eve party, volleyball, game nights and of course; A LOT of good food! I guess you could say I was more than a little sad to come back to Provo and start school. Now that I am here I am readjusting and really do enjoy being in Provo! I missed my roommates a lot, so it has been good to be back with all of us!

Quite suddenly, I feel like I do not have anything else to blog about. I am sure I do, but since I am leaving work currently, I will just have to post this and blog again later. Maybe I will get really crazy and blog again while it is still January...if you are all lucky!

My life is currently school (class at 7:30...again!), BYU Athletics (Are you shocked to hear that?), Church, work, homework, seriously disliking winter,  and not near enough playing! But I love it regardless!

Until next the heart of wanting it to be summer and being able to wear shorts and NO jacket or close toed shoes:  Look how happy we are when it is warm! Love you all!