Friday, September 25, 2009

Sis. Brett and Sis. Sorensen

Missionary (noun): Someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others can be with their families for eternity.

Watch out Temple Square!! Here comes two sisters that will make you something you have never been before! :) My cousin Emily Sorensen and new found best friend Jenae Brett, both went into the MTC 1.5 weeks ago. They are both doing AMAZING and I would expect nothing less!

Before Jenae went in last week she had flown into town from Washington but had already been set apart. Therefore she needed a companion for Tuesday and before she went in, CALLING SIS. HAYNIE. That is where I came in. and my sister, and Taryn! Loved it all! We hung out in the CougarEat where all of Jenae's adoring fans came and said good bye to her!
Sis. Brett and Sis. Haynie (her very first companion!!)

How blessed we all are to have lived so close to each other for so long! Love them all!
Both of these girls are such amazing examples to me! Their testimonies of this Gospel and their willingness to go out and share it is something that I strive to have. Not that it means I have to actually receive a mission call, but there is missionary work all around me, I just need to seek it out. Make it a more frequent action in my life.

They are both going to do such amazing things! I can not wait to hear the stories they have to tell and hear about the lives that they are going to help the Lord change!

Absolutely love and miss you dearly Jenae and Em!
God Speed Sisters! :)

My life.... C to the RAZY!!!

My life currently is absolutely nuts! Ya know those one stories they would have in the Friend...where they would tell it by using pictures? That is how I am doing my blog post today! Be excited! :)

So at the beginning of April I get an email from Jordan Jones (CU Presidente), asking if anyone wanted to be on the Executive Board for Cougar United. Cougar United happens to be the Official BYU Student Fan Association...can you think of better words to describe me? I think not! ;) So naturally I would be all up for that! Star, my right hand woman, agreed to do it with me. We have been attending meetings, planning BOMB pep rally's, tailgate parties, blitzes, shirt distributions and handing out mYpoints for the last 6 months. It has been super fun, and super crazy. Star and I became Pep Rally masters... no, really. If you want a pep rally done right, have Star and I plan it for you.

BYU's QB Coach Brandon Doman,school song, relay races that will blow your mind and a little crowd favorite, ZOMBIE NATION.

Next on my list of things to do for CU is the tailgate parties that happen before the football games! Although the Florida St. game was just a trite sad, and by trite I mean I cried all the way walking home, the tail gate party before totally rocked my world! Free Papa Johns pizza, war paint, the Marines, Best Buy, BYU trivia, poster making, dance party, the BAND!, and of course throwing out free t shirts! :) Here are just a few images of that blessed event.

Mine and Al's first football game/
tailgate party
without our significant others...aka our older sisters! We are still trying to live life to the fullest despite our trials and separation anxiety.

Good thing we still have each other! :D

Next up,
Last year Em, Al, Bri and I were the Event Leads for Freeze Fest. It is the last event of the semester before everyone goes home for Christmas and it is sweet! My new BFF that I made, Kelsey Celeste Jones really wanted to become more naturally we make our way over to Lee to ask him if he was any event leads for Freeze Fest, he says no, and wa la! I am once again over Freeze Fest! How do I get myself into these situations?! ;) I love it. It will take place December 4th, so put it on your calendars! Everyone better be there! It is going to be killer! We have meetings every week and hopefully will have the proposal all approved 2 months before so we have mounds of time to get everything set in stone!

For those of you (parents) who are a little worried about seeing a lot of these,

(at BYU an "E" means fail. We apparently do not like the letter F at BYU)
on my report card, do not fret. I occassionally do do homework. In fact I have spent more hours in the library this semester than I have my two whole previous years. I am just that cool.

I love my life, despite the constant go go go of it. It keeps things interesting!

Monday, September 14, 2009

IT'S IN!!!!

That's right folks! Yesterday was the big day that I finally turned in my application for the degree that I have wanted all my life! Dual Major: Elementary Education with the emphasis in Early Childhood. Exciting? I think yes! They said that they would contact me sometime near the end of October... thanks? It is not like the decision that will affect the rest of my life lies in their hands or anything and they are just taking their sweet time...

OK, really I should be fine. I am super good at this waiting game. Oh, for those of you who don't know, if I get into this program and graduate, (let's hope I would graduate!) I will be qualified to teach any where from Preschool to Sixth grade! :) Happy Day!

P.S. Could someone please explain the whole apple for a teacher thing to me? I always gave my teachers super cute apple containers that opened and were full of candy and such, but I never quite understood that apple significance! Thanks!

P.S.S. My little sister, ya know the one that is like a really big deal and such? Yeah, that one, her name is Saryn! She is in the top 6 for Homecoming Queen! :) haha She loves it...and the Queens Assembly (Homecoming specialty!) is on Thursday so I will keep you all notified that are on the edge of your seats to see if she wins! ;)