Monday, September 14, 2009

IT'S IN!!!!

That's right folks! Yesterday was the big day that I finally turned in my application for the degree that I have wanted all my life! Dual Major: Elementary Education with the emphasis in Early Childhood. Exciting? I think yes! They said that they would contact me sometime near the end of October... thanks? It is not like the decision that will affect the rest of my life lies in their hands or anything and they are just taking their sweet time...

OK, really I should be fine. I am super good at this waiting game. Oh, for those of you who don't know, if I get into this program and graduate, (let's hope I would graduate!) I will be qualified to teach any where from Preschool to Sixth grade! :) Happy Day!

P.S. Could someone please explain the whole apple for a teacher thing to me? I always gave my teachers super cute apple containers that opened and were full of candy and such, but I never quite understood that apple significance! Thanks!

P.S.S. My little sister, ya know the one that is like a really big deal and such? Yeah, that one, her name is Saryn! She is in the top 6 for Homecoming Queen! :) haha She loves it...and the Queens Assembly (Homecoming specialty!) is on Thursday so I will keep you all notified that are on the edge of your seats to see if she wins! ;)


Elyse & Dale

yay! We have the same major and specialty! It's soooo fun, you will love it and be an amazing teacher. Also, I wanted to let you know that I sent a letter to Holly Willden telling her how much i appreciated her as a teacher, and she totally remembers our English accents and bugging her about having a baby. Good times!


You will be a great teacher especially to all those little girls in play dresses.

I don't know why it became the tradition to give apples to teachers, but I'm sure you'll get a ton when you have your own classroom. :)

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