Monday, February 22, 2010

Colorado Cruisin

BYU gives their hardworking, dedicated, honest students 2 days off the entire winter semester. TWO. We do not even celebrate Easter, which in my mind is a little off, but whatever! But we decided to make the best of our President's Day weekend and visited the great town of Meeker, CO once again! It was just Star and I and BJATT needed a little help getting their downstairs textured and painted. Of course all the pictures of us actaully slaving away are on Janae's camera, but I promise I have mud and paint stains all over my shirt and sweats! Hopefully Janae will get around to posting before the year is over about what hard workers we are! ;) Because I love looking at pictures way more than reading text, here is post of pictures with a few captions to assist! Enjoy!

Colorado Sunset. Thank you Dinosaur.

Allie Girl. With a rose from her Dad on Valentine's Day... ;)
Allie again with her most perfect Valentine's Day outfit on..not even planned that way! Janae is just that good!
Once again, the task of getting a 4 year old, a 2 year old and two 1 year old's to sit and smile for a picture is pretty much impossible! But good thing they are ridiculously cute anyway! :) Pay special attention to all of their different faces in all the different shots. Priceless.
They were just SO exhausted from all the pictures being taken. Fake sleeping. Common Occurence.

A super fun game that Janae and Brandon gave Star and I the opportunity to engage in with Allie and Ty. Tag...Piggy back style. Of course I was being choked the whole time because Allie could not stay up on my back and then running around the kitchen and living room (not the most spacious rooms I have ever been in) and laughing SO hard that my abs were aching, are just a few of the high lights of this game of tag.

To end the game you are supposed to run down stairs to their beds and whoever gets their first wins...but I was not even risking those stairs that are made for people under 5'5", in my dress, with Allie on my back running for dear life to make sure we do not get tagged. So I dubbed the couch as base instead.
Allie and her excellent photographer skills. These are just a few of the 30 plus photos she took while having my camera sinched tightly around her wrist! She has talent, admit it.

Roses from Brandon...for Janae.

On our way home Monday night, we ran into some pretty bad weather through the canyons. It was a little scary and we starting fish tailing and such. We were going real slow and Star drove through that snow like a champ, you could hardly tell she had been taught to drive in Arizona...except a few times. Anyway, we get to the point where we are about 12 miles away from Heber. SO close to home. I had some homework sessions set up for when I got home, my roommates waiting for us. We were close. A cop car passed us, we did not really think anything of it. Until we continued on down the road and saw nothing but stopped red tail lights shining in our faces. Car crash. Truck with a utility trailer, SUV with children, everything mangled, no service, completely awful. In one instant their entire lives changed. We were stopped, completely stopped for 2 hours. It rocked... I had to use the bathroom something terrible, we took naps, with the car off and I froze. :) We were SO beyond happy to finally make it home and let everyone in on the big secret, that we were not actually dead. Just stuck in traffic without service! By the time we finally did get to continue, there were lines as long as 3 miles behind and in front of us of cars. It was crazy!

The trip rocked. I love my family something fierce and my body can only handle so many trips like that. Janae and I spent every night talking until at least 2 in the morning and then my niece and nephew who love me so much, always were so kind as to wake me up by about 7! :) LOVE THEM!!

I have the best family in the world and I am so grateful for them! Thanks for allowing us to come and spend President's day with your fam!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Why is it not...

Football season yet?!?!?

I am 100% addicted to BYU football. College football in general, but specifically BYU. Having the position I do in Cougar United (BYU's Official Student Fan Association) has pretty much been the best thing that could have happened to an athletic lover such as myself. We get so many in's (4th row basketball games, meetings with Tom and Bill, meet and greets with players, and so much more!) and if I were to have an in with anyone, I would definitely want it to be with Athletics!

I came to the realization today that as much as I tell myself all year how much I just LOVE BYU sports and my loyalty to athletics does not really change...I realized today as I watched the highlight film from the BYU Oklahoma game, that that is false. I am COMPLETELY partial to the game of football.

This was the highlight of my day today. Just read it...then I will tell you about it.

Ticket for a Free Lunch on Signing Day

Dear Kendra Haynie,

As previously announced, Cougar United will be hosting a luncheon at which quarterbacks coach Brandon Doman will introduce BYU Football's 2010 recruiting class. The luncheon will be held in the Football Team's meeting room at 1:00 on Wednesday, February 3 and lunch will be provided by Bajio.

Yeah, you read that right, TEAM'S meeting room. I am officially a big deal! You would not believe the kind of stuff they have down the special hallway that only players and coaches are allowed to go down. But I am only going to talk about my very favorite part!

The picture above is a ginormous mural that covers a large portion of the wall. It says "2009 BYU Football" across the top of it and "Called to Serve" on top of that, and then has a key down in the corner, that says; Currently Serving, Returned Missionaries, and Coaches! All the players on the team and where they have gone on their missions or if they are currently serving and where. They replace this every single year! Isn't that amazing?! This is just one of the many many reasons I love BYU football. We are about so much more than just the game of football and winning. I love it.

Here is just a little sample of what the labels look like up close... I chose this one for no specific reason. Just a random football player...serving in a random place!

While eating lunch we got to converse with the following 2010 recruits:
running back Joshua Quezada, wide receiver Ross Apo, and quarterback Jake Heaps.
Please click here to find out how stinkin amazing these recruits are, as well as the other 22 that signed.

Fahu Tahi of the Minnesota Vikings just stopped in for lunch. NBD.

Remember those days when I lived for football games beacuse I just adored watching number 41 play? Oh yeah, I remember that to. Just seconds before this photo was taken Bryan Kehl, David Nixon, and Coach Mendenhall walked right by me! In real life! It was amazing. I was really hoping that Bryan would not come out of the meeting room while I was taking this picture..because that just would have been plain awkward!

Each year, Bronco has all the players (or the new ones to the team, so every player has one) design a shield that has certain things drawn on it that represent various aspects of his life, his goals, things that are important to him etc. I just happen to find this one when I was going around the room of a special football player who pretty much rocks my world! I was a little stoked to find it and since he is on his mission and I have not heard from his for ages, it made him seem a little bit not so far away! I love BYU football!

Only like 7 months until home opener... Can I make it?!

Yeah, that's how we do....Here at BYU!

BYU vs Utah Basketball game: EPIC.

From the pink shoes and uniforms, to the throwing of elbows and punches. From the flagrant foul called on Henderson to the camera man getting a little crazy and knocking out a ref with his camera (no...that was not intentional). Not to mention 4th row seats for us (not waiting in line for days) as well as the two General Authorities we happen to have sitting on the front row on the 'old people' side. We rock.

The only time we will be cool enough to sit on the "Best Seats in the House" seats...when no one else is in the Marriott Center!


Deseret First asked the CU officers to come early to the game and put "We are BYU" banners on all the student seats. This meant that we got to get into the game at 4:30, help out Deseret First and then get great seats for the game! :) It was so sweet.

Yeah, even Cosmo was adorned in Pink for national Cancer Awareness. We were one of the four teams in the nation that were chosen to wear pink in

Who knew our basketball team would look so great in pink?!

Just Elder Bednar and Elder Scott. No big deal. I love my school!!

GO COUGARS!!!!!!!!!