Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just Real Quick...

I have about ten more minutes before Mara comes and picks me up so we can head down south to attend the wedding of this:

Beautiful couple. The girl happens to be my best friend and gorgeous, and Tony...well he is lucky to snatch her. Slash she is really lucky too. Tony is just amazing and I am SO grateful and happy they found each other! :)

But before I take off for the weekend... I thought I should tell you a story of my sixth grade adventures.

Picture this:
Recess duty for Miss Haynie last week, paroosing the playground.
6th grade boy, that is almost 6ft tall, and his friends. I keep seeing out of the corner of my eye. Just following my every move.
I stop, they stop. Etc.
At one point, I notice them all telling this boy, whose name I now know but we will call him J.J., to go and ask me...
J.J comes up next to me, suuuper cool like, and says, "Soooo... are you like...a teacher?"
Miss Haynie: "Yes, yes I am a teacher."
J.J.: "Ohghjd. Seriously?! :("
(turns to friends...)  "Guys, she is a teacher!"
This in turn was responded to with a lot of ooo's, ahh's, cat calls and "sick dude!"

Do I look like a 6th grader?! Thanks, but no thanks. 

Moral of this story: I LOVE getting hit on by sixth graders! :)

Stay Tuned for more exciting stories from Wasatch Elementary!


Katie Marie

hahahaha! Oh my gosh so GREAT! I definitely haven't gotten hit on by any 4th graders. P.S. Kendra I miss you!


HA HA HA HA...thanks for almost making me wet my pants ;)


Hahaha! I love this! So funny. I only wish I could be hit on by a grader sixer (that's how we say it in CAnada!!)

Teresa W

Hahahahaha I love it! You are one good lookin sixth grader!


yeeeeah girl get some!!!! ps you spelled perusing wrong. and if it were anyone else i wouldn't say anything. but clearly i like you a lot. just like that sixth grader. you should jump on that. except not because that would make you a pedophile. but...ya theory....

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