Monday, August 29, 2011

Hey Everybody!!

I know what you are all thinking..."It has been a REALLY long time since Kendra has blogged. Either her life has been too boring to even mention... or it has been too ridiculously exciting to even stop for a moment and talk about." ...Well ladies and gents --- neither. I think it just boils down to laziness, which is alarming seeing as how I actually do work at a computer for eight hours a day. Well DID work at a computer is actually more accurate.

That is right friends, today I started my student teaching. For the next 8 weeks, I will officially be a teacher at Wasatch Elementary School (a six minute walk from my house...tender mercy!) and I will be teaching (drum roll please...) SIXTH GRADE!!!! Yes, I was in sixth grade earlier and was terrified beyond everything and then had the greatest experience of my life! I am please blessing that since I will be teaching in September and October I should still be smart enough to teach them math, should being the key word there. :)

Our mascot is Satch...he is a dog. And is supposed to remind us of...something that I don't remember. Hopefully no one quizzes me on that. School starts at 8:40 everyday. Meaning I have to be there at 8, but since it is just around the corner and NOT in Riverton, I do not even have to wake up that early. I am super happy about that fact! I have taught dance at Wasatch before, as well as did an after school program there my whole freshmen year and just met some of the greatest students.

To say I am nervous is an understatement. Teaching solo is a trite bit nerve wracking, but I can do it and am excited. I can not wait to just be with students again. I realize when I don't do it for a long time that it really is my passion and I am so glad to be going back to it.

Before you go and get all sad about how infrequent I blog when I teach...which was never in my two four week practicums...I have a goal to post at least every other week. Mostly because you know how I hate when there is a month missing from the archive section to the right, and 4 months (the 2nd 8 weeks will be in a preschool or kindergarten) is just WAY too long for you guys to not have anything to stalk me from. 

In other news, my little bro Parker received the Aaronic Priesthood last week, so practically my whole family was here and I loved it! (We missed you immensely T!)

How adorable are my parents matching and such?! I love this photo.
Note Bryson's red shirt under his white one...he had already changed out of his Church clothes. We had been home like five minutes.

Signed Jimmer poster...Parker almost cried from joy. :)

Saryn and I went to Trafalga with some of our most dear and attractive friends. I was not as good at mini golf as I had been the last two times I was a humbling experience.

Also, one of my best friends, Lauren, is getting married next week and I went up to Logan this last weekend with Mar to go to her bridal shower. I love my friends A LOT. And I got to wear that cool bandana and be a bandit all night! :)

There will be more posts. Don't you guys fret. I have SO much more to talk about. Friends leaving me for random states, new callings, life lessons learned and lots more. Stay tuned! :)


Bobbi & Lance Hinton

Kendra! That is so awesome that you are student teaching! Those kids are the luckiest kids to get you. 6th grade was one of my favorites and I'm sure you'll make it your students' favorites too. Best wishes!


Ummm will you be my student teacher??

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