Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yay for Kindergarten!

"The Christmas spirit's startin', down in the Kindergarten." 

So, I realized today that I never even told the blogging world that after I got done teaching sixth grade, planning myself to death and turned in my TEACHER WORK SAMPLE... I got put in a new placement. Teaching Kindergarten at Deerfield Elementary in Cedar Hills. It is now a 40-70 minute commute...instead of a 5 minute walk, which is a little sad. But I am loving it regardless. Teaching 5 and 6 year olds has been quite the switch for me and it took some adjusting. Mostly just taking sarcasm out of my daily life (hard!) and making my jokes consist of bunny ears and things that smell. It is truly a different world down there. But they are adorable and make you feel like you are the best thing ever, pretty much every day.

But, this post is not to tell you about kindergarten in general. I just wanted to let you know that today we had a gingerbread hunt. I made this gingerbread man talked him WAY up. I have been reading gingerbread books to them during read a loud all week. I told the kiddos I would share him with them after recess. Recess came and went and the gingerbread man disappeared!! We made PREDICTIONS about what happened to the gingerbread. Many of which consisted of, "he ran away!" "You and Mrs. E ate him when we were at recess!" "Someone stole him!" Etc. I was entertained. I asked the class if they saw anything that maybe my gingerbread man could have left to help us know where he was. Insert picture 3 below... Clue #1 on the white board. 
Cute right? OK, he could have been A LOT better, but we were low on supplies. 

We went on our hunt around the school and the kids were on their best behavior and SO cute. We visited the library, the office and the custodian's office. They were so excited. It is times like that where I really do love those younger grades. I know I could not have gotten my 6th graders to be that excited about a gingerbread man hunt... or all my talk and jokes about Santa. Kindergartners are really good for the enthusiasm factor. 

Mostly? I just wanted to show off my cute gingerbread men. I had two, but the morning class ate theirs before I thought to take a picture of it. And that is just one of my many adventures in kindergarten! 

To come? Thanksgiving...College Graduate... AND moving out of Wellington 4. This is huge, you will want to stay tuned. 



Cute idea. Dropping my sarcasm when I went from 4th to k was the hardest thing for me! My favorite thing about kindergarten was when I would ask a question, they would raise their hands and say, "mrs. Beer, I like your shoes", etc. Man I miss those kids


How cute are you!? I remember doing this when I was little and it was like the most MAGICAL thing ever. Will you be my teacher?

Teresa W

You are MOVING!?! I can't believe it! Neither can I believe that you are soon to be a college graduate. This is crazy and I am slightly jealous that I am not in your shoes. I love the gingerbread lesson. What a cute idea!!!

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