Thursday, August 27, 2009


Because of the recent happenings of my life, it has been many days since I have taken any part in the world wide web, when I went to get caught up today on all my stalkings, I came across this. I have the coolest friends in the world.

P.S. I will be doing a for real update soon.

Annie Gardner I'm official facebook friends with 7 Haynies. It feels good.

August 20 at 11:34pm · ·
Cali Haynie
Cali Haynie
hahahaha. That's the BEST status I have ever seen in my life!!! I'm slightly obsessed!
August 21 at 8:51am
Cailey Haynie
Cailey Haynie
haha that is exactly how i am feeling too! Love it!!!
August 21 at 3:03pm
Krista Felice Isom
Krista Felice Isom
You made me curious, so i searched my friends for the beloved last name. 15. That's more than my actual flesh and blood. I think that's like half of my facebook friends too.
August 21 at 3:25pm
Annie Gardner
Annie Gardner
15? Oh my heck... I need to meet more of them so I can get my numbers up haha.
August 21 at 3:46pm
Kendra Haynie
Kendra Haynie
hahahaha I just saw this, and almost died laughing. I love you.
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The bane of my existence...well one of them anyway.

Yep, crickets. And here's why:

CRICKET CHIRPING "The left forewing of the male has a thick rib (a modified vein) which bears 50 to 300 ridges. The chirp (which only male crickets can do) ((obviously...since females would never do something so annoying! ;) )) is generated by raising the left hind leg to a 45 degree angle and rubbing it against the right hind leg edge of the right hind leg, which has a thick scraper. This sound producing action is called stridulation and the song is species-specific. There are four types of cricket song: The calling song attracts females and repels other males, and is fairly loud. The courting song is used when a female cricket is near, and is a very quiet song. An aggressive song is triggered by chemoreceptors on the antennae that detect the near presence of another male cricket and a copulatory song is produced for a brief period after successful deposition of sperm on the female's eggs."
(Thanks Wikipedia!)

But, I don't really care why, or how; just the fact that they do it drives me insane. In high school my head was always next to the window and I would often times put my head where my feet were supposed to be because I could not sleep. The other night was the first time since I came to college that the crickets kept me from getting to sleep. And boy did they keep me from sleeping. There were some seriously jealous mating crickets that night or something, because I finally fell asleep around 4:30.
And it was all thanks to my saving grace:


Yep, apparently I have really great sense at 4:00 in the morning and was trying to think of anything that could possibly double as ear plugs. I was successful. I now have a plethora of cotton balls on the shelf above my bed, just in case the crickets get a little crazy. Which they tend to almost every single night!

Thank goodness for cotton!

a COLOSSAL blog post...Are you ready?!

Well it is now the first week of August. When the heck did that happen?! Summer just zoomed right by me! If I was in High School still, I would be starting school in ONE week, thank goodness I am in college and don't start for over two weeks! I still don't feel like that is enough, but I had the best summer ever...and a WHOLE lot of photographs to show for it! I worked 6 weeks of sports camps, went 5 days without showering while camping for my family reunion, went to the most glorious part of the state of Utah...Southern, and while there welcomed home two friends from their missions (so crazy) as well as visited Tuacahn Amphitheatre with some of my best friends and was serenaded by Gretch's sister as she played Rusty in Footloose!!

The many faces of Trent. What a kid! Man, I love him! Please pay special attention to his 'sad' face, that we tried for many hours to get him to do...not abuse, just a good picture!

Trey, my cousin Mary's child. His dimples are killer. Those are going to get him in nicely with the ladies when he is older! ;)

Bri and I roasting the biggest marshmallows you have ever seen!

Allie girl with her souvenir from New York that Grandma and Grandpa gave her. She was obsessed.

One of the 18 family pictures that were taken, this was the best one. haha We are really bad at all looking at the camera at the same time!

Favorite activity of the week! Everyone was getting SO into it! I love 'jumping in'. Haven't group jump roped in just ages. College sucks the fun out of everything! ;) JK

Just some more jump roping shots.

My girls were a little hungry!

Soccer girls!! They kick trash..what does that phrase even mean?!

The beginnings....
cUrLeR nIgHt!!!!

jealous much?!

Sponge curlers!!!!

Oh boy! Not quite as cute as when I was 6. Shoot...

Best ice cream bars of my life! Freezer vending machine, number 106...not that I ever ate them.

My tennis girls. I told my boss, Charina, that I insisted I should be able to wear mini skirts this whole week so I could fit in with my girls. She said no...rude.

My last week of camps! :( I had volleyball girls, 12 twelve year olds. I had forgotten what it was like being a 6th grader, I remember now...but I loved them anyway! ;)

Sports Camps dances, make my life! They are so incredible! Despite them playing the same 20 songs every week, you just grow to love them more and more! Love Boom Boom Pow! :D

Here is just a little slideshow to recap some of my favorite moments of camps. I often find myself thinking, "Wow, do I really get paid for this?!" The answer is YES!!

I love Sports and Dance Camps!

"Let's hear it for the boy!" Becca Schwartz everybody! After so many years of going to Tuacahn it was super fun to know someone closely in the show! After it ended she took us on a tour of the stage and the underground tunnel! It was sweet! Thanks Becca for everything, and letting us stay at your apartment!

Just a little Footloose to get our weekend going!
In case anyone was wondering, Gretch and Taryn make my life in this photo! haha

But don't worry, that is not to be topped by my incredible fourth of July weekend, 20th birthday celebration, seeing George Strait live, going through the incredibly beautiful Oquirh Mt. Temple open house, assisting my future cousin in law in an engagement, and hanging out with my favorite 15 year old cousin because I was abandoned by my roommates! Yep, you could say I have had quite the amazing summer! It could only get better if I somehow made a trip to happiest place on earth...Disneyland anyone? You know you want to! ;)

Lazy summer days at the pool, I can think of nothing better!

Sisters by chance, friends by choice. Love her!

Just wanted to let everyone see how cool my firework setting is on my camera! Isn't that amazing?!

Harold the Yeah, that's him alright! He loves doing airplane! ;)

Love these girls! So glad Nat and Mara could come to George and celebrate with us!


What a beautiful man. Ya ya I know he is 56 and married. But his smile, his He is amazing.

The George Strait concert was amazing. I was surrounded by a lot of my favorite people as well as a lot of drunk people who made the concert 10 times more entertaining. Shoot they are funny!

It was the night of July 19th. Sunday after an incredibly long but interesting fireside about space...I was just at home getting the kitchen clean and making some bread, obviously in my pajamas since it was a Sunday night; when Helaman and Maija came over. We had just had dinner at their house so I was a little confused to see them again, but they said the came over to borrow Calamity Jane. Sounded legit. Then Kyrs, Westin and Craig Parson came over. Kyrie coming over, not that weird. Westin and Craig...SUPER WEIRD. I did not think much of it, until about 10 people later. I had no idea why people kept coming over that never came over to visit, unless we were having a party... Which is exactly what it turned out to be. Bri had invited all these people over for a little birthday celebration without me even knowing. What a sweetheart! I am so grateful for my bomb roommates. I love them!

Saturday's Warrior
"All Star ever wanted to do was Dance"

The temple was GORGEOUS! How lucky I am to have had the opportunity to go through FOUR temple open houses in my life! What a blessing that I have taken for granted many times in my life.

For a more complete engagement story, please click here!
The future Mr. and Mrs. Rutter everybody!!

Just a little Pacific Lights action. Band from Thousand Oaks, CA. One of Lisa's EFY boys. They were super cool.
I love my Cailey girl! She is my saver when I feel like I have no friends! We were together this entire weekend, and I loved every second of it!

OK friends, I am really sorry about the length of this post. This is how my journal writing goes too! Far and few between, but when I do it is real long like. So I apologize! But please enjoy, and I promise to post more frequently! Much love friends!!