Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The day of April First

The origin of April Fools' Day is obscure. In many pre-Christan cultures May Day (May 1) was celebrated as the first day of summer, and signaled the start of the spring planting season. An April Fool was someone who did this prematurely. Another origin is that April 1 was counted the first day of the year in France. When King Charles IX changed that to January 1, some people stayed with April 1. Those who did were called "April Fools" and were taunted by their neighbors. In the eighteenth century the festival was often posited as going back to the times of Noah. An English newspaper article published on April 13th, 1789 said that the day had its origins when he sent the raven off too early, before the waters had receded. He did this on the first day of the Hebrew month that corresponds with April. (Thank you Wikipedia)

Whatever the real origin is, no matter how it
started, April Fools' Day has become a day many college students look forward to. Yes, every day in college is the time to prank friends...and potential girl/boy friends mercilessly, but at least on this day there is an excuse.

Here is what went down in Wellington 4 today:
10:00- Francie calls Bri and asks her if she or anyone she knows is playing a prank on her. Brianna obviously answers back that she has no idea of anything of the like going on. I am in my room at this point and Brianna tells me what has been happening to France and I die laughing. While taking a quiz on my computer I miss two phone calls from unknown numbers, thank goodness they both leave messages! I hate missing unknown numbers calls and have no idea what they needed. So I go to listen to the messages and this is how the first one starts out, "Hi, my name is Janesa Anderson*, and I am just calling in reference to your sign I just saw in the JFSB about conference tickets. AM and PM sessions, either would be fine. Just call me back when you get this and let me know how many you have left." You what?! Next message, "Hi Kendra, this is Jake Kenton, and I am just calling about the sign I saw on the front doors of the JFSB..." OK, this is not happening. Oh, actually it happened. I call Francie and we think all of the possible suspects who would of been witty and motivated enough to do something like this. We decide on our suspect. Isaac Ipson^. I get to my class after not answering 6 phone calls from unknown numbers. I was absolutely dying laughing and my teacher wanted to know why. He made me stand in front of the whole class and let everyone in on this little joke that was being played. Everyone loved it and I asked if I could keep my phone on ring instead of vibrate just to let everyone know when another call came, he said no. Apparently he was never a huge fan of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song. hmmm Anyway, after class I check my 8 new voicemails that I have acquired over the hour and fifteen minute class I have been in. I hear about signs that were posted in the HBLL, (for non BYU-ers the library), the JSB, the Marb, and Francie's favorite, the men's locker room in the RB. Thank you Isaac! A few minutes later I receive this picture message from Francie. Who's number is that (with a few alterations...I can't just post my number on the web!)? Mine of course! These signs, along with others that had Francie's number on them, were hung up all over BYU Campus. What a great day. One of the voicemails that I received was rather heart wrenching. It was a guy named Jeremy. He needed two tickets to conference. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend this weekend at the conference center and knew it would just make the spirit of the day so much better if they had a session of conference to attend afterwards or before, he had not yet decided. I did not have the heart to call him back and let him know it was all a hoax. Also received another voicemail that was quite similar, except after he left the voicemail he also texted me. The text went as follows: "Hey, this is Ethan, I just left you a message and sorry to bug you. I did not know if you were checking your voicemail so I thought I'd text. I have a teacher that says it is good to be tenacious if you really want something. If you have an extra ticket or two, I'd love to be considered. My girlfriend and I are saving up our money to get married this summer. I wanted to surprise her this weekend at conference to make it official. I just don't want to have to do it in front of the protesting crown. It is just not as good a mood. Well, thanks. It is good to know there are great spirits like yourself in this world." What am I even supposed to say to that?! Lucky for me, I came to find out later that my amazing cousin Cali told some of her co workers about our plight and he thought of this little plan! It was genius and so funny. Glad it was not true. As for the aforementioned, maybe his bishop has some extra tickets! France also got a call about a man here from South Africa who has never been to that States let alone Utah and was dying and would love the chance to go to General Conference. Telling him it was just a joke, was just awful sad. In the end I got a total of 55 phone calls today while France had over 45. It was one crazy day! Props to Isaac in thinking of a prank that would not be over in a few minutes, but would last over 10 hours!
*Names have been changed to protect the identities of innocent ticket wanters
^Name not changed because everyone deserves to know it was him

In trying to get retribution, we decided on the following prank, posting Isaac's car for sale on KSL under the
classifieds for wicked cheap. (Thank you Tara) We go take pictures and I call my dad in hopes of posting some information to make the car sound real good.

This beauty, is Isaac's car. I would like you to know that the 115 is actually after just 20 minutes of being on the internet! Incredible! :) When we finally took it off, it had been up there for about 2.5 hours and had over 500 views. Man, we are good! He was in class as that time and always turns his phone off, he got out of class, turned his phone on and had 20 new voicemails! His mailbox was completely full. People sent him text messages and kept calling, he felt super popular for the night! ;) Overall it was very successful although, one family thought it was an answer to prayers. We quickly deleted that ad after that!
So now it is Wednesday night and Isaac did finally fess up. He is coming over later and we are all excited to compare stories of the many phone calls that we all received today! What a joy!

THIS my friends, was the story that finally put me over the top and just made me get a blog! (You were expecting something more exciting weren't you?!) But really, how could I not let the whole world in on this story?! It was absolutely necessary!



HAHAHAHA, that is the best story ever! Wow, i actually pretty much forgot about it being april fool's day. Ash sent me a text of the poster with your number and we thought about calling and pretending that we didn't know it was you...
love you always!


I absolutely love this story. It was totally worth the wait. I love that you were receiving phone calls all day. Hilarious! and kind of ridiculous at the sametime.


Hahaha! So funny! I wanted to prank my students, but I was giving a test and thought it might not be the best idea. But I DID wake Jon up at 3 in the morning and tell him I was in labor. Pretty good, but I was too chicken to keep the prank going, so as soon as he asked me "really!?", I said, "no...April fools!" I'm glad you have a blog.


I love this. Love it.


Ok that was brilliant! We didn't do anything at all, hence my boring life!


hahaha i love us! and apparently everybody else does too :)


so glad you FINALLY have a blog. i love you!!!


no way! that's awesome! that's some good retribution right there!

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