Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Entrance into 'my own' blogging world!

So friends and family and acquaintances and random people who are going to be reading this, I have finally caved and started my own blog. I am rather excited to update people on my life, despite the fact that it might be rather mundane and monotonous. I figure if you really love me you will be willing to read it regardless of what is going on! The primary reason being: I always have such good ideas and very intelligent thoughts pop into my head that I just want to share with everyone, the problem is, no one ever wants to listen to my thought provoking conversation. This way I kill 2 birds with one stone. I get to talk about things that no one cares about, get them off my chest, and the people I do not talk to on a daily basis...which is pretty much everyone, gets to know what I am doing 24/7 while living in Provo! Great Day! The secondary reason being: I always tell people I do not need a blog because Cali blogs and we have the same life. As of late I have come to realize that one day Cali will get married and all of a sudden we will not live the exact same life. This being said, she will stop blogging about what is going on in my life and just focus on about selfish. But it is bound to happen one day.

So why did I choose today to enter the blogging world? Well that will be announced in just a few short hours...and no people, I am definitely not engaged, getting engaged or even dating if that is what you were thinking!



holy cow kendra! the list of people you know triples the length of you blogging page!!!!!

Cali Haynie

hahaha. Nice reasoning for starting a blog! haha


Yea!!!!Kendra finally got a blog.I expect frequent updates you know. I love your april fools story. This is Keri not Jared.

Rebecca Jensen

ummm... I love your reason for starting a blog. I have to say it's the best reason I've ever heard.

Janica Ellsworth

now i can completely follow your life.

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