Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bi-Polar Utah...especially Provo

The weather in Provo, well in Utah really, drives me crazy. Ever since I moved to Cedar City, when I was 8, I remember getting really excited that second week of March for the beautiful weather we were having! I would get out my shorts, get all excited about playing in the sprinklers and going swimming and wake up the next morning to...snow. Sick. Well ever since then I came up with this theory, If I dress for summer it will come faster. This made for a whole lot of freezing days in my life, as it would be snowing in April and I would still be wearing shorts and flip flops. I just wanted to defy the weather, and regretted it every time. My theory never proved to be right, but I just wanted summer to come so badly! As I got older, it never improved. Since I have been in Provo the past two years there are those few weeks in March that is looks like this: (AMAZING!)Then the week after looks a little something like this:
That is so not ok with me! The reason I am ranting about this today is because of how good I looked in my shorts and flip flops yesterday when the high was a whopping 65 with not a cloud in the sky, and when I woke up this morning I could not even see the sun because of the amount of gray clouds that are taking over Provo. There is snow on the forecast for tomorrow... I think I might just sit in my apartment all day! First reading day, no need to even leave!



hahahah I TOTALLY agree! I am so sick of this bi-polar weather! It really needs to stop, can't it just makes up its mind at stay warm!! It SHOULD NOT be snowing on April 15th!

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