Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just a Few New Things

Because you were all sad that it has been so long since you last heard from me right?

 I figured as much and even though I am at work ALL day, for EIGHT hours, just STARING at a computer...for some reason I just have not blogged.

So here I am, just letting you know about the new big things in my life!

Number 1 (let's go smallest to biggest shall we?)

This adorable pillow from my best friend, Mara. She is beyond creative and since she has been sick at home for a few months, has been given WAY too many hours to work on her domesticity. Lucky. This was my birthday present and don't you just love that burlap flower? Me too. I wish it was me that made time. Whose birthday is next? Want one of these?

Number 2:
I FINALLY got myself a book shelf!..and it is a really cute one at that! See that basket on the top? Yeah, I used to think that all my books I would own would fit in that. Good one Kendra.

If you look real close, you will see the Magic Tree House Series 1-30, Flat Stanley (I just got his newest adventure, African Safari!), Chronicles of Narnia, the Percy Jackson complete series AND numerous other extremely enjoyable picture and chapter books. Haven't had the opportunity to read all these? You can borrow them from me if you would like!
One of my most favorite book purchases, The Napping House in BIG BOOK format! Happiest day of my life. It was 75% off. Curse Bri for telling me about the Sidewalk Sale at the Bookstore.

Number 3:

Our apartment was given, by our oh-so-gracious landlord aka my father, this super duper cute couch that just really matches so well with the rest of our apt...yes, that is a sheet covering up the ugly brown color it normally is, and your are right, there are no armrests. One of my dad's biggest pet peeves is when people sit on the arm of the chair, so what better way to eliminate that then to give us a couch with no armrests?! I always did consider him to be rather brilliant. I love the constant Christmas theme that is in our apt due to our bright green carpet, red kitchen, and now this red couch covering. We are SUPER spirited.

and last, but certainly not least... after four looong years in the college scene, trying to get by without one, and always having to rely on the ones my roommates had (no, I am not talking about a that what you were thinking? Rude.) I finally broke down and bought....(drum roll please).... THIS little gem

 A 1994 Honda Accord. Jealous? You should be. Paid cash for this little thing. Runs wonderfully, a manual, automatic doors and locks...most of the time, brand new paint job AND even has an aux place so I can listen to my i pod. I am living large these days folks! With starting my student teaching in a few weeks, I felt like it was just too risky to have to walk to school every morning...especially if it is further than 10 the snow, up hill both ways. Call me crazy!

She (it is a girl as she is a little baby blue-ish) still needs a name, so I am accepting all sorts of ideas and suggestions! Let me know. If I pick yours you will be the winner, and I will give you some sort of ridiculously delicious treat that I will hand bake. Thanks!

Really, this post was just one to keep people happy until I stop procrastinating the real stuff! Until next time...



Kendra! I love reading your blog! I am so happy for you getting a car! I was the exact same way until I met brian. Walking to the grocery store, or hoping someone would offer! Yay for a car! She is beautiful! As is the couch and pillow and bookshelf :)


Oh kendra! Hey you can totally have a "boyfriendish" relationship with your car. And yes, I do think its about time you got a car, and a new book shelf. As for your basket, you can pass it on to me, due to I have literally like 4 books and a basket would work, Sad! wow i nedd to read more! Now, names...Im thinkin "oh-liza" if its a girl. And "crap bag" if its a boy, ok jk um Murill haha. Idk, boy names aren't my thing. loves.

Aleisha and Michael

I love you haha I wish I was creative enough to come up with a name for your car but alas, I am not. can I still get a baked treat?

Aleisha and Michael

ps 55 followers? sheesh


Kendra! Have I ever told you I think you're the greatest? Well I do. First, I love the word domesticity. Second, I'm glad that Junie B. Jones is on the list of other extremely enjoyable chapter books. Third, I would say Jules for a car name mostly because I'm addicted to Psych and that was the first girl name that came to mind.


haha I agree with Alison 100%! Jules is a great name. :) I think Shawn and Jules would feel honored and maybe we could be Psych fan of the week!!


woooo woo! new car! i love it! Good luck student teaching! I'm jealous of your book collection, from one teacher to another.

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