Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Four seems to be quite a significant number as of late. Let me just tell you about it...

Four years ago this week I moved into my wonderful apartment, Wellington FOUR, with my best friends. (after some SERIOUS renovations so my mom would feel somewhat comfortable with her children living there! Our apartment used to be super ghetto...) 

Four years ago this week (yesterday to be exact) I started my employment at the BYU Key and Locker Office. 
Thank you Shawna for hiring me...even though you had already decided to hire Kristi! :) Shawna is the best boss anyone could ever have. There is no way I could have gotten through college without her. Love you so much Shawna!
My girls I started with. Love you Kristi and Charity!
The Key Office..parties every other week. Best co workers. Best boss. Best location. Overall; best place to work.

Newest batch of Key Office ladies; obsessed with these girls!
Four roommates/best friends I have seen get courted, engaged, and begin the rest of their lives with their new best friends. (Mostly devastating to me...but it is marriage, so I have to be happy for them! ;)

Cali Haynie Rutter
Francie Ludwig Ipson
Krista Isom Nielson
Taryn MacArthur Shirley
Four... so maybe that is all the things I can think of without starting to sound ridiculous and like I am just making up stuff...which I really could do, but I won't.

Can you believe that?! I have lived in the same place and worked in the same office for four whole years! With only a five week stint when I went and lived in Ghana, which was sweet. Apparently I really like my stability? Well we all know how much I hate maybe that is why. Although, staying in the same place and working at the same place has provided me with a lot more change than I ever would have bargained for. Just because I decide I love a place and want to stay there, does not mean the people around me choose that way as well. People are up and moving on me all the time. Or quitting the Key Office and leaving me the opportunity to get to know so many more people. I try and love it, and usually it works!

When I think about the lasting implications on my life that have come from living at W4 and working at the Key Office...I am completely blown away. I have made the best friends ever and relationships that are going to last a lifetime. 

Sixty what?! Sixty first!!

I have been real blessed and I am real grateful for it! Love me some longevity! ;)



Oh I love it!
I miss working there so much. Well...actually I just miss talking with all you ladies...I like staying home with Jack.
True about life-long friendships.
And Shawna is forever my adopted mother.
Love you Kendra!

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