Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I fail...

So, I am REAL sorry if anyone actually got their hopes up about me posting weekly. I am AWFUL at that apparently! BUUUT, I am still alive! :) Teaching has not killed me yet!

I have learned so much about myself these last few weeks. Teaching has never been something that has been hard for me. School (any grade), Relief Society, Sunday School, individual skills etc. I do get nervous sometimes, but I never have a hard time with it. I am at ease in front of people and can typically put together and deliver a nice lesson. Until my student teaching started. Having 33 sixth graders (100 if you count all the sixth graders I teach) has been the biggest challenge of my teaching 'career'. I have had to rely A LOT on my Heavenly Father, as weird as that may sound, and to not think I can do it all on my own. I need his help every day...mostly to ensure that I do not harm a select few of my sixth graders I teach. ;) I pray for guidance to know HOW to teach them, I pray to have his spirit with me to be able to deliver the lesson objective like they need to learn it. It has been pretty amazing the difference when I ask for the Lord's help vs when I don't. Basically, this teaching stuff is hard. Anyone who has tried it knows exactly what I am talking about. You have really good days and you definitely have REALLY bad days. It comes down to how much you love it. Do you live for those moments when they finally understand something and you see that light go on? I do. I am literally pouring everything I have into these students because that is how much it means to me. And that, I realized, has to be enough some days, because that is all you've got.

I have two weeks left at Wasatch and they are going to be crazy. I am the full time teacher, teaching all 7 hours that my kids are in school. So between that, trying to work some hours, lesson planning, Teacher Work Sampling, eating, sleeping, relief society presiding, exercising and trying to maintain some sort of social life...I am just a little bit busy. But who isn't these days right? I feel that from everyone.

I promise that I have done some things, besides teaching, that I have actually documented in the last 6 weeks...and I have intentions of letting you in on all of them :) But for now, if you want a brief synopsis and a picture story of what has been going on, feel free to visit my sister's blog. Now that she has blogged for the first time in almost a year, it is pretty much my life updated as well.

Love you all and until next time..... Miss Haynie



ha! I know exactly how you feel. Keep going. I miss it so much!

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