Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Excerpts from 6th Grade

I have learned, in my past few weeks (almost 8) of teaching, that sixth graders are just not near as funny as second graders. They have a lot more of other things than second graders like; attitude, chattiness, disrespect, sarcasm, knowledge etc. ;) But their knowledge is already so great that the amount of funny things coming out of their mouths are a lot less. But we have a few and last week was one that I was laughing at for quite some time. I am not sure if anyone else is going to think it is funny...but you probably should just tell me you laughed to humor me...ok? OK, thanks.

So we threw a baby shower for Mrs. I (my cooperating teacher) last week. She is due in about 3 weeks. Crazy right? I know. The class moms put it all together and it meant that I did not have to plan the day from 2:00-3:00, love things like that. They played typical baby shower games that the kids just loved. The melted candy bar in the diaper one, where you have to smell it and look at it to determine what it is. The game is gross, I am not sure why it is played. But the kid's faces were totally worth it. We played where you cut a piece of string however long you think will go around the mothers belly etc. It was a super fun time, not to mention I got a Capri Sun and grapes-- Love class parties!

At the end of the shower, I was getting the kids ready to go to P.E. and band. When Mrs. I said, "Class, the next science rotation unit we are starting is on sound. I just want to put a thought in your mind about bear cub." (That is what she calls her child)
She continues to ask the class why they think that the sounds bear cub is currently making inside her, can not be heard by people. A lot of different solutions were thrown out there and eventually one student said, "I don't think bear cub is making any noises." followed by, "Yeah, because he is connected to you. So if he were making any noises they would be coming out of Mrs. I's mouth."