Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh School...

Do you like my new layout?! I sure hope so. I am kind of obsessed with it, and seeing as how it is all I EVER think about, I thought it was fitting.

Also, guess what I got last week in class?! A BOOK ORDER!! It was the happiest day of my life. No wonder my mom hated when we got those things. You want to buy everything you see. Because I have felt deprived of book orders (my mom had way too many kids, with way too many book orders to ever buy anything) I might have gone a little overboard. I just spent $51.00. But in my defense, I got the first 25 Magic Tree House books for just 30 dollars! That is a dang good deal (they are typically $5.00 a piece)! And my teacher library is supposed to have 100 to 150 books when I finally get into my classroom. I currently have four, and I stole those from my mom. So it was high time I started my own collection. I also got the brand new Flat Stanley book and that came in a set, as well as two new Fancy Nancy books!That was a tough decision, it was either Flat Stanley or Junie B. Jones and after counseling with my mom, I decided upon Flat Stanley.

Did you even know that as a teacher when your students buy books from the book order that you accumulate points and then you can get free books?! I had no idea! Oh the joys.

Thanks Scholastic! :)


Jared and Keri

Sam loves the Magic Tree House Books. So now we know where to come to borrow some. We also have some Junie B. Jones books that my boys decided were too girly for them. If you want them you can have them! Kids books are seriously addicting! Go look at DI sometime. They have great finds on kids books. Love You!


haha I love it! Hooray for buying kids books! and seriously remember all the times we would come home with those great book orders and we NEVER got to order anything :)

Elyse & Dale

mmm i love book orders. You can get so many good books for FREE if your the kids in class order them haha. Book orders are the best ever. Nice choice on Flat Stanley haha


book orders are my FAVORITE thing in the world!!!


Pretty soon you're going to have to call your blog "Life of a New Teacher". :)

Teresa W

I love book orders!!!
When I saw my book collection I thought the same thing: I need to start collecting more books and soon! I highly recommend DI. They have a fantastic children's book selection and most of them are only 75 cents!!!

Cali Haynie Rutter

hahaha I love this!

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