Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The line-up

Let's just talk for a minute about how incredibly blessed I am ok?! Ok, thanks. Mostly, I am immensely blessed in SO many facets of my life. But here is just one I want to address right now. Over the last 72 hours I have had the opportunity of being in the same room with/be spiritually enlightened by/been overcome with the spirit because of these following individuals.

My stake conference line-up from this last Sunday:
Conducting and the 1st speaker, Elder Steven E. Snow of the 70.

2nd in line to speak, Sister Julie B. Beck, of the Relief Society General Presidency.

Next up, none other than my favorite (as much favorite as you can have) Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the 12!

Last, but most certainly not least for my STAKE conference, Elder Boyd K. Packer, also of the 12!

So this, that stuff up above, I would say makes for a pretty amazing Sunday wouldn't you?! Oh, but it does not end there. 5:00 pm Saryn and I headed back up to the Marriott Center to be enlightened by this amazing man, Elder Richard G. Scott.

So that ended my incredible Sunday evening, and the school week started. Then the entire University had the opportunity to listen to this man, who happens to go by the name of Elder Robert D. Hales.

I know right?!?! Isn't that incredible?! When I went to Church in Ghana I was asked if I had ever met the prophet. I kind of giggled to myself as they assumed if you were from Utah you got to meet the prophet. So although I have never met President Monson personally (although when I was in Madrigals in high school I did get to sing for him), I am so amazingly blessed to be able to go and be in the same room as these men (and women) who are called of God to lead and guide this Church. It was/is truly amazing.

I am grateful for this Church and for the Gospel. My testimony of it is constantly growing and for that I am thankful. It brings me the greatest happiness. What an opportunity I have living somewhere I do that I get to be graced by the love and spirit that these wonderful leaders carry.

It has been an amazing last 72 hours! :)



Oh I love you my dear. And I love your blog. Visit mine?
We really do need to get together soon. It was so fun running into you the other day.


AHHH what!? I can't believe all of those ppl spoke at stake conference! Elder Holland!??? ahhhh please tell me you took amazing notes!?

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