Monday, September 13, 2010

School Mode?... I forgot how!

I just don't remember how to do school. I know you guys are all probably thinking that this is my fourth year of college (I AM A SENIOR IN COLLEGE...WHAT?!?!) and I should probably be familiar with and readily used to switching back into school mode. But it isn't true.

Some updates:

  • I went home for a quick 24 hours the weekend before  school started. A little parent time, a little sibling time, and most importantly, got to watch Bryson play VARSITY in the Cedar High Football game. Man, I miss those things!
  • My new ward is pretty sweet...Super Cute Sunday was a success!;)
  • I still am serving as the Stake Activities co-chair and on the compassionate service committee.
  • Class at 7:30 am went pretty well last week...As for this week; I don't know how it works but somehow it gets earlier every day. 
  • I live for the weekends.
  • Friday has officially become my least favorite day of the week. Yes, this is heartbreaking. But if you had class straight from 7:30 to 2:00 and then 2.5 hours of work, you might just feel the same.
  • BYU Football completes my life. I pretend I love all BYU Sports equally...I am in fact a liar. I am a die hard, live, breathe, eat and sleep BYU football. I love it. 2nd row seats are going to treat me pretty well this season.
  • Cougar United had a tailgate party (As we do before every home game, 2 hours before kick off. COME!) and it was a huge success. Despite our lack of advertising and publicity there were still tons of people there. Free pizza, t-shirts, face painting, poster making, dancing, music and BYU Trivia. We know how to throw a good party.
  • I am still loving my job at the Key Office. Shawna is the best boss ever and I have the greatest co workers in the whole world. 
  • I adore my roommates and we have some good times. Slash they are really distracting and never allow me to do my is never my fault.
  • Campus is just constantly buzzing with excitement and that is what makes being back in school exciting. It is such a fun atmosphere. I sometimes just wish I had that minus the 15 hours of homework each week. :)
  • Tomorrow's high is in the 60's. It is September and that is not ok with me. I better not have to start wearing pants until October at least! 

Just a plethora of pictures, because they are worth 1,000 words after all.

 4-Wheeling out at 3 Peaks, definitely one of my favorite pastimes!
 We spent at least 30 minutes throwing rocks...trying to hit this. It was quite the feeling of accomplishment once it happened. :)  (Excellent shot-put form Bryson!)

My Dream...the truck...not Trevor. :)
Cougar United Tailgate party! The best, most selfless organization on campus! Give, Give, Give!
Benson, cutest little old man ever! 

Supportin' the Reds!!!! 
R-R-R-E-D M-M-M-E-N. R-E-D-M-E-N

Cutest little...slash younger brother ever! :)


    Bethany Hoyt

    remember when I saw you last Saturday?!?!:) that was nice. I can't believe you are a senior and getting into the "hardest profession ever"-good luck this semester with all your crazy credits!

    Teresa W

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates Fridays! I have class from 8 to 11 and then work from 11 until 6 :( I don't know how you fit in so much! You are my hero!


    love love love it all! Can't wait to be joining you in P-town in approximately 8 weeks!!! ps wish you would have spelt "breathe" right :) Love you!

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