Monday, February 22, 2010

Colorado Cruisin

BYU gives their hardworking, dedicated, honest students 2 days off the entire winter semester. TWO. We do not even celebrate Easter, which in my mind is a little off, but whatever! But we decided to make the best of our President's Day weekend and visited the great town of Meeker, CO once again! It was just Star and I and BJATT needed a little help getting their downstairs textured and painted. Of course all the pictures of us actaully slaving away are on Janae's camera, but I promise I have mud and paint stains all over my shirt and sweats! Hopefully Janae will get around to posting before the year is over about what hard workers we are! ;) Because I love looking at pictures way more than reading text, here is post of pictures with a few captions to assist! Enjoy!

Colorado Sunset. Thank you Dinosaur.

Allie Girl. With a rose from her Dad on Valentine's Day... ;)
Allie again with her most perfect Valentine's Day outfit on..not even planned that way! Janae is just that good!
Once again, the task of getting a 4 year old, a 2 year old and two 1 year old's to sit and smile for a picture is pretty much impossible! But good thing they are ridiculously cute anyway! :) Pay special attention to all of their different faces in all the different shots. Priceless.
They were just SO exhausted from all the pictures being taken. Fake sleeping. Common Occurence.

A super fun game that Janae and Brandon gave Star and I the opportunity to engage in with Allie and Ty. Tag...Piggy back style. Of course I was being choked the whole time because Allie could not stay up on my back and then running around the kitchen and living room (not the most spacious rooms I have ever been in) and laughing SO hard that my abs were aching, are just a few of the high lights of this game of tag.

To end the game you are supposed to run down stairs to their beds and whoever gets their first wins...but I was not even risking those stairs that are made for people under 5'5", in my dress, with Allie on my back running for dear life to make sure we do not get tagged. So I dubbed the couch as base instead.
Allie and her excellent photographer skills. These are just a few of the 30 plus photos she took while having my camera sinched tightly around her wrist! She has talent, admit it.

Roses from Brandon...for Janae.

On our way home Monday night, we ran into some pretty bad weather through the canyons. It was a little scary and we starting fish tailing and such. We were going real slow and Star drove through that snow like a champ, you could hardly tell she had been taught to drive in Arizona...except a few times. Anyway, we get to the point where we are about 12 miles away from Heber. SO close to home. I had some homework sessions set up for when I got home, my roommates waiting for us. We were close. A cop car passed us, we did not really think anything of it. Until we continued on down the road and saw nothing but stopped red tail lights shining in our faces. Car crash. Truck with a utility trailer, SUV with children, everything mangled, no service, completely awful. In one instant their entire lives changed. We were stopped, completely stopped for 2 hours. It rocked... I had to use the bathroom something terrible, we took naps, with the car off and I froze. :) We were SO beyond happy to finally make it home and let everyone in on the big secret, that we were not actually dead. Just stuck in traffic without service! By the time we finally did get to continue, there were lines as long as 3 miles behind and in front of us of cars. It was crazy!

The trip rocked. I love my family something fierce and my body can only handle so many trips like that. Janae and I spent every night talking until at least 2 in the morning and then my niece and nephew who love me so much, always were so kind as to wake me up by about 7! :) LOVE THEM!!

I have the best family in the world and I am so grateful for them! Thanks for allowing us to come and spend President's day with your fam!!



so jealous!, but so happy you had such a great time and that you made it home safe!!!

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