Friday, September 25, 2009

Sis. Brett and Sis. Sorensen

Missionary (noun): Someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others can be with their families for eternity.

Watch out Temple Square!! Here comes two sisters that will make you something you have never been before! :) My cousin Emily Sorensen and new found best friend Jenae Brett, both went into the MTC 1.5 weeks ago. They are both doing AMAZING and I would expect nothing less!

Before Jenae went in last week she had flown into town from Washington but had already been set apart. Therefore she needed a companion for Tuesday and before she went in, CALLING SIS. HAYNIE. That is where I came in. and my sister, and Taryn! Loved it all! We hung out in the CougarEat where all of Jenae's adoring fans came and said good bye to her!
Sis. Brett and Sis. Haynie (her very first companion!!)

How blessed we all are to have lived so close to each other for so long! Love them all!
Both of these girls are such amazing examples to me! Their testimonies of this Gospel and their willingness to go out and share it is something that I strive to have. Not that it means I have to actually receive a mission call, but there is missionary work all around me, I just need to seek it out. Make it a more frequent action in my life.

They are both going to do such amazing things! I can not wait to hear the stories they have to tell and hear about the lives that they are going to help the Lord change!

Absolutely love and miss you dearly Jenae and Em!
God Speed Sisters! :)



True, you don't have to have a mission call to be a missionary. But you know, if you ever do decide to go, you would be AMAZING! (all caps, that's right)


Oh look at little Sister Emily. I used to live with her : )


Ahhh man. Gonna miss her.


um wow THANKS for stealing my favorite quote, that I told you!! Rude!

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