Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Instant Messenger

Does everyone remember the days of MSN instant messenger? I guess I should ask, who doesn't remember the days of MSN?! Didn't everyone use it?

I can not think of anything more thrilling for me (at that time...) than to watch the little half body spin in circles while I was being signed in, and then to see who was also wasting their day away chatting on IM. Although that was fun, even more exciting than that, was having a request to chat from an unknown email address, old friends being online that you hadn't spoken to, or the best of them all, having your crush be on at the same time as you! Trying to think of something super witty and charming to say that would make them type, LOL....or ROFL. Those were the responses you wanted out of the guy you liked. or maybe that was just me, because I take pride in myself when people laugh at me... Anyway, the days of have long since passed and I have now moved on to bigger and better things, at least for me and my needs...GMAIL! (little plug for Google, you can thank me later!)

Now for the reason this post even came about, the other day I was running to the LRC to get a computer before they were all gone. I got one, sat down, logged in and waited for all my settings to load. As I did this, that cute little picture you see above popped up. I was astounded. I had not seen a sign in to Messenger in at least 4 years and was amazed to find out that people still used it frequently enough that it would pop up on my lab computer. I looked at it, looked around, thought about all the homework I had to do and thought what the heck, and I signed in. I was more than pleased when I signed in to find that they had the most upgraded version, at least the one I was familiar with. Where you could have moving emoticons and even video chat if you had a camera. My little display picture on the side was still one from the time my sister Tara and I were both wearing pink so we decided to have a photo shoot. It was definitely one of my off days!

Not only that but as I was looking around the all too familiar rectangle I was a little embarrassed to read my 'status' from what appears to be the end of 11th grade. " Please tell me this is not really happening. What are the chances he would get a My Space!?" If any of you know this story, it will make complete sense. For those of you who don't, your life will be ok without it.

I laughed at myself for a while and then continued to look around. My 'groups' that I had made were still the same. Split up into all the different years of EFY, Family, and Everyone else who's on here. Creative eh? I thought so to. It occurred to me also during this time, how many hours were spent on MSN. So many deep conversations about the Gospel, many awkward/embarrassing conversations about kissing underwater and "Did that really happen?", along with "what movie should we see tonight" and "meet you at Park Discovery?" I was amazed to see how many of the email addresses I still was so familiar with and could tell you who they belonged to. xblankcanvasx, luckychic_82, allstarcarla, bbdude100, jord_red2, and eightgarren were just a few that I loved seeing as 'online' when I would sign in. Moral of this post? Well there really isn't one. It was just fun for me to reminisce a bit about my early teenage years. As of now, gchat treats me more than just fine and I am grateful to be able to chat while I am actually in my email. What a novel idea! I hope that you are all going to take some time now and remember those great conversations that you had over MSN!

Enjoy! :)



Haha! You made me want to chat with someone!

Cali Haynie Rutter

HAHAHA BAh!!! Favorite post EVER!!! SOOO many memories!! MSN ran my life in Junior high and highschool! I remember my mom Grounding me from MSN haha, Talking to you and Bri all the time. And all the kids in school. Many relationships developed...this brought back so many memories!! I LOVED the part about having your crush be signed in at the same time!! I swar that is how I always talked to the guys I liked! haha. So funny! Good Memories!


hahahah so great! I was seriously just thinking the other day about all the great conversations I have had over MSN....I wonder if they are still saved somewhere.....


hahah, I loved this! I was totally obsessed with MSN when I was in jr high and high school.

Elyse & Dale

I loved msn. Is it geeky that I still talk to my mom and sister on it even when we live in the same town?


I lived on msn.


Totally nostalgic right now. Haha just the subject of msn made me remember a million crushes I forgot I ever had. Parker Tripp for example. Am I allowed to go public with that? Oh middle school....ok and high school. And apparently college :) Why don't I see you in the LRC? We could have chatted on msn together.

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