Friday, December 11, 2009

FREEZE FEST 2009!!!!

So my event was this passed weekend. I am forever grateful for the experience working with BYUSA has given me, but I am now officially calling it quits for my college career! I have met so many amazing people, and I am BEYOND grateful for the people who volunteered this last Friday and through out the entire semester to make the event even come about! I had an amazing co event lead:
Kelsey Celeste Jones

She pretty much became my BFF through this event and I can think of few other people I would have loved planning an event with. She made it a lot more painless than it would have been. We mastered the EAF, dominated massive Wal-Mart shopping trips, figured how to shove way to much stuff into Kels' car, decided sitting on batting while driving is the only way to go, especially after it explodes and learned that poinsettias die over night if you leave them in a freezing car. I think I will be successful in life now.

Our event was Epic. That is just the only word to describe it! Since I really love lists, that is what I am going to do to let you know about it!

  1. We had an ice sculpture. It was a swan...obviously!
  2. We used 48 strands of icicle lights to decorate the facility.
  3. Cosmo was there in his blue Santa Suit. He LOVED us!
  4. We had a cheesy sweater contest. The finals contestants had to do a walk off and I loved it.
  5. We had two service projects going on. What better way to get in the Christmas spirit than with service right? That is what I thought as well.
  6. We had a Hot Chocolate bar. Complete with flavor shots, creamers (7/11 style), nutmeg and cinnamon, candy canes to stir, and to top it all off, spray whipped cream! It dominated everything.
  7. We had an AMAZING dance party! Thanks to the best DJ(s) in town!! Mark Boothe from MBX-treme! I absolutely adore him and Logan was also there to help out! Thanks guys!
  8. We had sugar cookie decorating. 375 dozen sugar cookies to be frosted with 175 pounds of butter cream frosting. Mmmm.
  9. Last but not least, we had ice skating and broom hockey!! Ridiculously enjoyed by all who participated! We accommodated close to 2,000 people for ice skating and even more than that for broom hockey! Thank you so much to Ice Peaks employees who helped out so much this whole evening!
All in all, it was a new record for people at Freeze Fest and that makes us, as Event Leads, ridiculously happy and proud of our advertising (however creepy it may have been)! :)



i love your lists. and i love you too!!!



I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember how you came to my dance party?

So wonderful.

I will write a post and dedicate it to you very soon. I am obsessed with you.

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