Wednesday, February 16, 2011


How many things were going through your mind when you read this post title?! Admit it, you are probably thinking that I am going to talk about sports, family or brown boys right?

Well, those are all incorrect... {don't get me wrong...I am actually obsessed with ALL those things}But actually, this is to talk about how I am obsessed with decorating my apartment. It is an expensive little habit I have gotten myself into. My roommates can attest that any time I get the Michaels coupons of the week, I insist on going, promise to only be there for my discounted item, and come out with way more than I had planned on! I do always get really good deals though...yes, that is me justifying my spending. Not to mention, my craft drawers (which I am really going to be needing a craft ROOM here any day) always benefit in the best ways from these excursions! I am an Elementary school teacher, I need a lot of craft supplies. :)

I just can not think of anything greater than coming home from the longest day at school/work/life to a decorated door and/or apartment. It cheers my soul better than anything!

Come the second week of January, you had better believe that I was putting up Valentine's Day decorations. Most people give me a hard time and tell me, "It is not even February yet!" But, if I were to wait until February, I would only have a mere two weeks to enjoy all of my fantastically cute decorations! That is just not enough. I become very attached to all of my decorations and they are given the highest of priority in my storage areas.

I may or may not give some of them names...

**Skelly and Scarecrow. Some of my favorites! :)

Christmas Spirit!

Yes, that heart does light up. I love it. Thanks Cal! :)

Just a little craft I made up....Cute right? ;) haha

What is going to be happening within the next week? You could probably stop by anywhere around W4 and see a whole lot of GREEN!!



can't wait for St. Patrick's day lots of V-day decorations on sale!

Cali Haynie Rutter

haha I love the decorations!!! I think we became obsessed with buying decorations together!! I'll have to send you pictures of my cute v-day decorations!

Teresa W

I love the decorations!!! Funny story... I put up my V-day decorations in January as well! I feel like we have something in common. Oh yeah, we are both teachers! :)

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