Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Belated...but all still true!

Two weekends ago my siblings and I, threw my mom the surprise party of the CENTURY!!! It was incredible! There are just not even words to describe the lies, and cunnings, and manipulations we went through to give my mom the best 50th birthday ever!!! Hopefully none of you have experienced this, because you should not lie to your mom, but when there are 6 of you that she talks to on a regular basis and you guys have not touched base with each other, a lot of different things can be said! It was hard work I tell ya, but it was worth it. She was completely, utterly and entirely SURPRISED!! All the kids were such a big help and really made everything come together. It was the first time the entire fam has been together since last August, so that was an incredibly good time, as it always is when we get together. Not to mention the amount of people that traveled to be there to support my mom. It was incredible! Thanks to Keri Haynie for making the best slideshow in the world of my mom and her life! It was absolutely beautiful! Brought many to tears, but definitely brought a whole lot more laughs...glasses as big as the face they are on, sailor outfits, rockin' bods in even more rockin' swim suits. Just a few of the many gems the slideshow captured. I will just post pictures, as a picture is worth a thousand words, and it will just be way better and much more entertaining that way!!

Helaman in the tree, just hanging up some lights!

Of course we had to first try on the decorations that would cover our backyard.


The finished product. It looked incredible! Not to mention gave me a really good feel for what I want my wedding reception to look like when the time comes! ;)..which is afar off, in case you were wondering!

How cute is she? Little AllieFairy

My adorable nephew Tyler rockin out on my dads drum set!

The food tables! Glorious.

How creative are we? Chips in the sand pail with a shovel to get them out! Cute eh? ;)

At about this point, I would go into a list of all the reasons (usually the amount that is equal to the age of the person) why I love my mom. But 50 reasons, although I could come up with them, is probably way more than you guys want to read! Just know, that my mom (as well as my dad) are the best people I have ever met! They are such amazing examples to me of becoming like Christ and always putting the Church and family first! They have flaws just like anyone else, but they are constantly striving to overcome them and become better. It's amazing.


P.S. We also had family pictures taken when we were all be excited to see those results! :)



SO fun! Wish we could have been there!

Harold and Sheri Fam

Kendra, you are awesome and it makes being a parent really fun and worth all the sacrifices that come with parenting. I love you. Thanks for being such a great example to all of us.

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