Thursday, June 18, 2009

80's NiGhT!!

So, my old neighbors, and dearest friends, and some of the reasons I live, were in charge of a mutli ward activity this last weekend! It was a blast from the past night, and since we all know that I am totally an 80's girls... (come on, I was alive in the 80's for a whole 5 months!) we all decided to dress that blessed decade! As we were all getting ready, we all decided how great it would of been to live in that age. Nothing had to match. You could look in your closet and throw on whatever you wanted! HUGE cut down on getting ready time! Anyway, obviously there is no way to explain this dance party in words...which is why I just post pictures!!!!

I would have TOTALLY rocked the 80's...everyone would of wanted me I am certain! ;)

Profile pic.? Yes please. I love Lauren Smith!

Me and my girls!

Thanks for the invite girls...I miss and love you more than anything!!!!


Cali Haynie

I once again am incredibly sad I missed this... :(


wow that looked like TONS of fun!

Jared and Tiffany Botteron

Wow, Could you be any more attractive? I think not! You should have been born a decad earlier. I had no clue you had a blog?! How fun! Please forgive me for not telling you about the baby! I am down on my hands and knees right now begging. Am I forgiven?
Good! Glad we got that over with. So I had Bri's email from BYUSA but apparently we never use yours.....why don't you take some initiative huh? Hehehehe jk. I am glad we found each other once again. I love you so much and am excited to be able to see what you are up to! Love you!

Jared and Tiffany Botteron

oh and btw, you have to come out to Kansas to see me. You and Bri should make a trip out of it and we will go see some church history sights! My aunt and uncle found plane tickets for $99! I expect to see you soon! AND, I am sure I will be out there sometime. I have lots of fam there so when we go, I will for sure call you. If you are not too busy 80s dancing.....


AHHH you girls are so cute and I miss you so much!!!!!!!!

Elyse & Dale

You guys are SO hott! haha love it

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