Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tramps, Trees, and Hammocks

And of course when I say tramps, I mean trampolines...! But a one syllable word always wins over a three syllable word. Anyway, two weekends ago I was home (I hate when I start a blog post and then don't finish it). I keep telling myself I just need to get out of Provo, when really, how long am I ever actually here? Since school got out, and I have been working full time, I was here for 2 weeks and then went to New York. Then was here for like 5 days and needed another break, so I went to Cedar. It rocked.

One bad thing about living in Provo, on Condo Row, where the only grass you have is on 7th North, is the issue of... having no place to lay out. For someone who is trying to deny the fact every day that she is white, not having a place to lay out is HORRID! The thing about 7th North, is you go to even lay on the grass to read a book, and people honk at you and yell things at you like you are trying to sell yourself or something. This is no good for me. Definitely can not lay out on that grass! So it was exciting to be able to lay out in a back yard while I was home! Anyway, I love going home and being able to just chill. Not having a time frame or any schedule to stick to! It is just so good! Here are some photos from our shoot...and from our slumber party!!

Oh, some motivation for going to Cedar was the end of year choir concert! Man, I miss those things like crazy! The end of the year one was always the best because it was right after festival was over with and we got to choose our songs! A nice break from the intense songs we had just sang. It was amazing! I love Cedar High Choir! Madrigals and A Ca and even Lyricals sang tons of songs that I sang during high school. It made me a bit melancholy...but just for a second! It was so fun to see my sister (who is now in Mads) and my brother (Who will be next year!) singing the songs that I once sang and wearing the hot choir robes that I absolutely adored! ;) Anyway, it was real good. Here are just a few photos for your enjoyment!!

Man, I LOVE climbing trees!

Peek-a-Boo! (Sorry this picture is sideways..I just could NOT figure out how to switch it!)

One of Saryn's many hidden talents, modeling.

"I have to cover my eyes to protect them from the flash!"

Watch out Karate Kid!!


Larissa Lynn

Uhh... Annie you are gorgeous. I just thought I would let you know. Kendra, Saryn, I have already told you that, so you already know. That is all.


When I lived on Condo Row we would always sneak over to the Regency pool to lay out. That's my advice. Or you could always go to Cedar. :) Keep having a super fun summer!!

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