Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meeker, Colorado Ladies and Gentlemen!

So, Memorial Day weekend was rapidly approaching and I had nothing going on. Cali had invited me to Lake Powell...with her, Nate, and 2 other couples. Woo hoo. As much as I love Lake Powell, I love being a 6th wheel a WHOLE lot less. So that was a no go. But I definitely appreciated the invite! France is in Costa Rica and those are all the roommates I have currently! So I went to my fantastic cousin Starla and asked if she would like to accompany me to the great town of Meeker, Colorado. She willingly accepted and plans were made. My sister and brother-in-law moved there in January and just recently moved into a new home (new to them...not really new) Anyway, they moved in and are doing some renovations! So, being the HARD WORKER I am, I volunteered to come up and help them paint! It was so fun! My niece and nephews are absolutely adorable and my cousin Mary just happens to live in Craig, which is just an hour away. So we also got to see her and her beautiful baby boy Trey! Janae loved having us there and made us feel so good about our decision to go to CO for the weekend! We partied, stayed up way later than parents should ;), painted the living room green, and ate a lot of food!

Here are just a few gems from the weekend!

Singing... I am not really sure what. But obviously I am feeling it a lot more than Star is.

Cutest kids of my life!

Nope, not at a beach. A parking lot actually.

Allie, Trent, Tyler, and Trey (2 out of 4 looking at the camera...not too bad.)

How adorable are they? These are their funny faces!

haha I love my little man!

Craisin fingers!! (She thought she was hilarious!)

This video is amazing! While we were in Craig shopping on Saturday there was a killer rain storm! This is us in the Safeway parking lot...there was so much water it was ridiculous! Don't mind my super annoying narrating voice!



man too bad it doesnt rain like that in cedar! by the way i am still REALLY REALLY mad at you!!


OH MY GOSH!!! Ahhhh they are so adorable and I'm so jealous!!! I can't even wait to see them! Bah love you!!

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