Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well guess what friends? Yep, I went to Taylor Swift this last week and the final verdict on the concert: AMAZING. I have been to some pretty great concerts in my day (OK so really just like 4, but still...) and I have to say that Taylor's concert was the best. Now do not go assuming that I say this because she out sang Carrie or Rascal, but the whole show she put on was absolutely amazing.

Let's just put it this way, I was/am obsessed.

I am just going to give you a few highlights, and then to get the full effect, you are just going to have to see her live!

  • She started off the show with "You Belong With Me", (if you have not seen this music video...please go watch it!) She came out in a marching band outfit. Complete with the tall ugly hat. It was hilarious.
  • She was so chill about everything. I probably spent more time getting ready that day than she did. She looked amazing the whole time, but her hair was just frizzy (after coming out of a hat) and she could of cared less.
  • At one point in the concert, after it had blacked out for a costume change, she came back on the screen to start singing and she was not on the stage. We were all so confused because we did not know where she had gone. We look over to one of the sections and there she is. Just singing at the top of the stairs in between 2 sections. She sings "Hey Stephen" (ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SONGS OF HERS, for reasons other than the fact that it is just amazing) finishes the song and there is just a little instrumental break and she walks down the stairs. Greeting fans. She probably gave out 200 hugs throughout the night. She hugged, shook hands, signed autographs, took pictures, it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. There was this boy, who looked to be about 15 who got a hug from Taylor. He was hyperventilating. Jumping up and down, screaming, it was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen! He was just cute. So she walks down the whole stair case, just letting people flock to her. It was so cool. She said she was sad that she would not be able to meet everyone in the audience who had come to support her that night. She is adorable.
  • After she sang White Horse, a terribly sad song that she sounds absolutely amazing during, the Energy Solutions Arena was as loud as I had ever heard it. For ten minutes the cheering, screaming, clapping continued. It was the most incredible thing I had ever heard. Taylor (isn't that weird to just say she becomes someone completely different when you leave off the Swift..) did not say anything. Just looked out at the crowd with tears in her eyes and a huge grin on her face. After a while she said, "Salt Lake City, I promise I am never gonna forget that. Thank you, thank you." It was amazing. I almost wanted to start crying with her. You can just feel how humble she is just by being a mere fan in the audience. It was absolutely amazing.
  • Oh, I was with the best people ever!!! Star, Annie, and Cali. It totally made the concert and I was very grateful for their presence.
  • So basically writing everything I loved about Taylor Swift would take a lot longer than I had though it was going now I am just going to stop and post some pictures and a video or two for your enjoyment!!!



i cannot even tell you how mad i am at you for not even taking me!

Jordan Lee

yay for blogs! i am so jealous! p.s. you are super tan woman!

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