Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Every return missionary I have spoken to has told me, well, a lot of different things. But one thing that has been pretty similar across the board has been about weaknesses. It went something like this, "God, in trying to make you stronger, takes your number one weakness and really makes you aware of it on your mission. It seems to work its way into every facet of your life and you are forced, with his help, to deal with and overcome it."

So, in knowing this, I have been trying to get a jump start on my weakness. Can I do that? I am not really sure, but I have tried. We all know Heavenly Father has A LOT of different weaknesses he could maximize in my life, but what would that number one be.

I have thought about it a lot since January 19th and I think I finally came up with it...
I am an extremely vain person. Probably most of you will not actually believe this, as you know that I rarely get ready. I would go out anywhere in my work out clothes without make-up and my not hair done, and I did not even wear make-up until I came to college.

But the reason that I feel this most applies is in my skin tone. Because I am out to prove I am not white, having nice tan skin has always dictated my life. I LOVE being in the sun, I love getting tan and I DESPISE tan lines.

Can you think of another occupation I could have for the next 18 months that would give me worse tan lines? I don't think so. :)

Now that I feel I have decided upon that weakness that will be thrown in my face, I am preparing to embrace my farmer's tan line and awkward skirt length tan line, and just love them all!

No, this is not my leg. Or even close to it. But be expecting my nice tones legs to come back with skirts lines, just like this! ;)

Pray for me, that my vanity will quickly be diminished when I get set apart as a missionary! :) 


Garren and Larissa Allred

Some how I think this will be the least of your worries my dear....


Oh kendra I just love you. You are so wonderful!

Lisa Haggerty

Oh Kendra! I just loved talking missionary stuff with you and you really are going to rock it out there. There was nothing like changing and becoming better at warp speed but I still have long ways to go! We will both be grateful for the lessons we learned in the mission field!

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