Monday, April 16, 2012

Divvying up of Assignments

In lieu of me having two weeks before I enter the MTC, I feel it is necessary to clue my nearest and dearest in on a few responsibilities they have while I am gone. ;)

Starla- Keep me updated on anything and everything BYU Athletics. Specifically; football, men's basketball and volleyball. You know what we like!

Bri- She is responsible for managing all forms of my social networking and media. She can choose to forward my emails to people, if her heart desires, and making sure that my email inbox stays under control. She can also choose to confirm or deny friend requests as well as, hack into my Facebook whenever she chooses.

Saryn- Sar is responsible for keeping me updated on all the people in our life that regrettably will probably not write me. Just like a Facebook news feed...but of the really important stuff. Marriages, babies etc. :) This is obviously her job because she is the most caring person and knows people so well. She just automatically loves.

Taryn- T is responsible for keeping a list of the good country and non country songs that come out. She knows what I will love because we have the same great taste, so it should be pretty easy. Because when I get back, we will be needing to have a dance party and I am going to need to know all the new music and such.

C-Puppy- C is responsible for keeping note of the movies that she knows I will love when I come back. Sandy ones, the highly quotable ones, and the super cheesy ones that our lives are just like!'re supposed to be with me! (Include Disney Channel as well...)

Shandi- Letting me know what actually happens to Henry when Psych comes back on in the fall! :)

Between this, loving me and the constant update of their lives, I think they should all stay pretty busy while I am gone. haha Everyone else reading this, it is your responsibility to write me. Not anything long, maybe even just a few post it notes, but I already know how much I will love getting mail and I hate not knowing what is going on in people's lives!

Also, I hope no one is judging me or thinking I am worldly after reading this blog post....we just all have our quirks and I felt it was important to notify them of their jobs before I leave, so they can be attending to them while I am gone! :)


Harold and Sheri Fam

All of those request are just a distraction for someone doing the Lord's work so I officially release all of you from the assignments given.

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