Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I just thought you should know...

For those of you who are new readers to my blog...and if you have never met me, then I feel like you should know something about me. I am in love with brown people. I absolutely LOVE Polynesians, all islanders in general and basically anyone colored. Here and here are just small samples of my obsession. Trying to deny the fact that I am white, and a myriad of other things. For quite some time, I have always wanted to marry brown. This is for multiple reasons, mostly because I want my children to be brown. (I am always so selfless...looking out for the future generations.) But I just love that culture and how important family is etc. Obviously, we all know that I will marry for love and if my husband happens to be white....I will learn to deal with it! ;)

Aaaanyway, on to the purpose of this post. Most of you have known this fact about me for quite some time. If we have ever been friends, or talked in person, you probably know of my love for everything brown. But what some of you might not know, is that before this dream (to marry brown and live on the islands) I had a different one. And it was this: marry a bull rider. Actually, just be engaged to one because he would quit right after he placed first at the NFR (National Finals Rodeo) because I would not be able to handle the stress of actually having a bull riding husband. We have the movie 8 Seconds to thank for that! After me and my ex-famous bull rider got married, we would have beautiful children and all of my daughters would be rodeo princesses. My sons could choose to do any other rodeo event they chose. Preferably something not dangerous, so they could stick to roping, tie down roping..or if they are really careful I guess they could saddle bronc ride. I had planned to live in Browse, which is Exit 30, right off of I-15, on the way from Cedar to St. George. (It is really a beautiful town...with absolutely NOTHING but grazing land...I would have to take the 'No Services' sign off of the exit) We would have horses for the girls barrel racing and so much land. My house, with my wrap around porch, would be absolutely stunning. Bri and Cali actually said once they would live there with me! It was going to be perfect. In case you are not catching on, I love EVERYTHING country. I love rodeos, I love the music, I love the get up, I love my boots and I love, love, LOVE cowboys!

Somehow through the years, my dream changed itself into brown...but I have yet to find a brown cowboy. I am fine, most of the time, with my the dream switching about my ideal future. Unless I ever go to a rodeo, or a country concert, or a county fair etc. Which seems to happen frequently during the summer. Last night, my dearest friend Teresa and her father took my to the Mark Wills and Mark Chesnutt concert at the Scera Theater. Most of you are going to read those names and have NO idea who I am talking about. That is an issue! No matter how hard I try to convert people to country, and they always love it, there is no way to ingrain in them the love for traditional country music I  need those people in my life to have. George Strait, Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks, Alabama, Merle Haggard and so many others that deserve to be appreciated! The concert was AMAZING! We were on row 2, TWO, and it was phenomenal. From Don't Laugh at Me and I Do (Cherish You), to 19 Something...Both Wills and Chesnutt were amazing. In the words of the ninety year old lady behind me, "Isn't this the best darn honky tonk you have ever heard?!" I would have to agree with her. Right before Wills left the stage, Teresa and I got a picture WITH him. He bent down and got in it AND THEN, threw me his pick!! It was epic.

"I'm fat. I'm thin. I'm short. I'm tall. I'm deaf. I'm blind. Hey aren't we all?"
"But it's a little too late, she's a little too gone. She's a little too right, I'm a little too wrong."
Then they sang together in the encore, and it was wonderful! They sang a Merle song and it was perfect!  I loved everything about this whole evening. It was amazing and I was wearing my new boots, that I love! :)

Moral of this post? I have no idea. I love country music, first of all. I love country concerts and they complete me. As for my future? How do I compromise?! Apparently I need two husbands?... just kiddin!

P.S. Go watch the videos of the the links I gave you. They are real great!


Taylor Ann

2. My dad rides saddle broncs, and he's still alive and well. So you're right, I agree it is an acceptable option for your children.
3. I'll be on the lookout for a brown cowboy for you ;)
4. I miss you!


Kendra, you are my favorite. I loved everything about this post. I so wanted to go to that concert last night! I bet it was greaT :) Umm..yup. I just love you!


Holy Cow, that was a good dose of Kendra.

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