Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I love...

Intramural Softball... Yes, I made everyone take the team photo like this...just like in the days of Park and Rec. I told them we had to take individual their batting stance, with their mit etc. They would not have it! :)

Hiking the 'Y' with my besties. It was Star's first time! Big day for this claimed Cougar/BYU lover!

My ladies at the Key Office. They make the 8 hour days go by so much faster...and more enjoyable!

Mindy Gledhill in concert and partying with my favorite family members! Cal came down and we got to hang out with her ALL evening! I considered myself very blessed...she even painted my nails for me! :)

When friends get married and wear wooden placcards at their reception...This is Claire and she, is hands down the coolest person I know.(Yes, you can all be jealous of Ken's ridiculously brown face...I know I am!)

And last, but certainly not least....

My 4 (FOUR) pound box of Grape Nuts. I crave these. All. The. Time. Maybe I am addicted? Did you even know they came in a box this big? Well, if you didn't, you can get it at Costco. I love that place. Hopefully when I am pregnant, and have weird cravings, it is for Grape Nuts. What a healthy thing to crave!



I wonder how many pictures we have of Cali smiling like that while driving. Surely too many to count on one hand.


Um, I wanted to take a picture in the stance. Let's do it tonight. :)

Isaac and Francie

I am offended you didn't even give me any credit for your grape nut addiction. But I love you and can't even wait to see you!!!

MaShay & Jason

You make me smile so much!

AnnaMarie and Justin Jensen

Wow, you are so much better at keeping your blog updated. I am back in America! We should all get together before people start going there separate ways.
How was Mexico???

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