Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A little bit like the Celestial Kingdom...pretty sure.

Just imagine.... walking into a cultural hall to the sound of 4 out of the 6 of those beautiful brethren singing amazing arrangements of church hymns and primary songs. (The Moleni family has 11 children in it, 6 boys and 4 girls)

I promise you should go watch this video. And all the other ones they have. Remember to keep breathing while listening. I sometimes forget. I have spent many hours listening to all their videos. They are amazing.

Just imagine...sitting down in the cultural hall where everywhere you look you are surrounded by brown people. Children, women, men, boys and girls, not to mention the young single adult males that were in quite an abundance.

Just imagine.... a musical fireside where the entire choir that is singing, including any soloists or duets, are people from the pacific islands. Completely brown. and produce a more beautiful sound than any I have ever heard be produced in my entire life. (Kind of like this picture...but only young single adults and all dressed in Church clothes and white.

 Just imagine...being ridiculously excited to be in this environment and to sing along side of all of these wonderful people, to have the hymn start and have no idea what it is. You look at the words and see a little something like this:
'Oku 'ofa 'a e Tamai 'ia kitautolu
'Oku 'ikai ha me'a 'e ta'e malava kiate ia
Hanga hake 'o puke hono nima
Ko ia oku telinga
Tuku kene fanongo 
and have no idea how to pronounce them as it comes straight from the Tongan hymn book! LOVE.

Just imagine...every speaker, every testimony shared, not to mention the bishop who conducted the meeting starting out with "Talofa, Aloha, Malo e lelei, and Hello" and you being expected to say it back.

Just soon as the meeting ends everyone begins greeting each other with hugs and kisses on the cheeks and you suddenly feel like you are at a family reunion, with family that has not seen each other for years. 

Well folks, don't be jealous. But this is what my last Sunday evening consisted of. My dear friend Mike Bunn, who is always looking out for my life goals and always willing to help me accomplish them, had a friend who was singing in the choir and invited me to come along to the Wasatch Provo stake Fireside (which happens to include many, if not all, the polynesian wards in Provo). It was beautiful. There were three Latter day Saint singer song writers from New Zealand who put together the entire fireside. It was one of the most spiritual firesides I have ever been to in my entire life. And made my decision even more firm about where my future needs to be... ;) But seriously. It was amazing and there are no words to describe how I felt while there! It really was heavenly. I loved EVERYTHING about it.


Cali Haynie Rutter

Wow they are INCREDIBLE!!!! And they are singing A Capella! They are seriously Amazing!! Holy Cow I am in AwE! haha

Any one of them would fit into our family VERY well! Why have I never heard of them before?

Seriously amazing! And you will Marry someone like this! I just know it!! haha

Love you!


so jealous! and I'm so glad your decision has been reaffirmed that you NEED to marry a POLY :) haha I just love you!

Katie Marie

just discovered your blog. love it. and i listened to these guys-WAY good!!!

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