Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Please don't make me...

Just looked at my classes I have to register for next semester...Looks like another 18 credit semester for Kendra. Yay.

Here's to no social life and no time for work..resulting in me living on the streets..and not finding a husband... ;)

I just can't wait!

On a happier note, for those of you who have not heard, I was asked to be the
Cougar United President
for the 2010-2011 school year...and I accepted. Call me crazy, I do pretty much every day.

But I am REALLY excited. I love athletics and I love what Cougar United is about. The presidential people before me did a REALLY good job and everyone is really fond of them and their work, I hope I can maybe fill their least half way! I am already learning SO many incredible things about athletics and I love having the "in" with Tom and Bill and all of those big names that people hear and never actually know...we are friends.

I have three really great VP's, one being my dearest and most supportive fan, Star Kempton! She is amazing and I love her for everything she does, not to mention the fact that she is my roommate and cousin for forever! She is an amazing support and is why I am going to succeed as CU President! Then we also have a lot of other positions under each of the VP Positions! We are looking for any and ALL volunteers who want to be on the Executive Committee! We would love to have you.


For more information, visit It is free for all students to join and such an incredible organization. For those of you who are not students and are my dear family members who worry about my sanity, any ideas you have for anything to better CU would be greatly apprecited! A lot of you are BYU Alumni and I would love your help! :D



you're the bomb.... dot com

Teresa W

Congratulations!!! You are going to do so well. I just know it :) Man, I was feeling nervous about my next semester but I'm only doing 16 credits. Good luck!


I'm up late registering for classes and wandered over to your blog. CONGRATS GIRL!


woah!!!! you're basically going to be famous here :) congrats kendra! love you!


you are such a babe.

Sean and Charity

I am pretty sure this is part of your destiny. haha You are PERFECT for the job!! I love you!

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