Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Don't you hate it when...

you have like 5 blog posts started and you do not want to finish any of them because it is just too overwhelming? Yeah, me too. So instead, I am just going to blog about some really great pictures I came across today.

I do not know if you guys picked up on it or not, but I am a little bit obsessed with my family...and by that I mean, a lot bit. One time last year we went up to Mutual Dell to go sledding, have some amazing food, and just bask in the company that we provide each other with. Well, it just started out as a little snowman that was going to double as my boyfriend and fiance so we could take some engagements (since I can't get one I just figured I would make one out of snow? I assure you, this is completely normal) Well, one thing led to another and all of a sudden.. apparently my family is a LOT more worried about me finding someone to marry then they let on...and we had a full fledged masterpiece on our hands!

Here are the beginnings... I did have a few requirements, he did have to be taller than me...and although I wanted him to be brown, when Bricky poured his hot chocolate on him to make him that way, his elbow disappeared. So I decided I could settle for white. 

Looking on as my masterpiece of a boyfriend is created...
Fixing a few of his 'blemishes'. :)
Three hours later...

Meet my boyfriend... Franky!
(Pretty sure he had a different name the day we created him..but I do not remember it. 
We clearly did not last!)

Before I knew it, things with him were progressing QUITE nicely! ;)

I obviously said yes, and engagements were taken!

He is just so funny...

The masterminds behind the whole thing...their artistic ability does not cease to amaze me! They are humans of many talents, that is for sure! I am pretty sure that if the aunts had not been calling us in for dinner, we would have had a nice ride to go along with my fiance! They ran with this thing.

And, here is my grandpa. I just wanted to add this in because he is so stinkin cute! The head patriarch of the Haynie family! What a guy!



this is the funniest thing i've ever seen


No words. Only laughter. And love for your family.


hahah wait that is awesome! and why have I never even seen those picture before!? hahaha I'm also slightly OBSESSED with our family :)

Bobbi & Lance Hinton

Ba ha ha ha! Kendra, this is amazing. I wish I was as cool as you.

Liz Johnson

wow! that is definitely the most detailed snow person I've ever seen! awesome! congrats on your engagement ;)

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