Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mormon Handcart Pageant

Be jealous!

**I love when I write blog posts and then actually finish and post them a month later. Sorry about that.

It was amazing. It was a theatrical re-enactment, dedicated to the Martin and Willie Handcart Companies of 1856 and their Rescuers, both past and present. But I just wanted to say that I love Nephi, UT, I love the Mormon Handcart Pageant, I love that Danielle and Kelly had so much to do with it so I was invited, I love with all of my heart and am grateful for the Pioneers that came across the plains in the roughest of conditions, I love my Savior and am grateful for his constant watchful eye and that even when you feel like he has abandoned you, he hasn't and he never will!

"For reasons I do not completely understand, when you walk through the gates of Rock Creek Hollow along the Mormon Trail in Wyoming, you seem to naturally know to sweep your hat from your head. As you make your way forward, you come to a tiny fenced-in area with two stone markers, one large and the other small, but both built and dedicated to a people who lived and died a long time ago. Who were those people and what is their story? What exactly happened here that makes this place feel as if you are walking on sacred ground? 

It was these types of feelings and questions that became the foundation of what is now called The Mormon Handcart Pageant. As we prayerfully prepared for our first season, we secretly wondered if anyone would really come! Well, two nights and over sixty-three hundred people later we knew that we were on our way. With the Lord's blessings, we were able to capture the "spirit of the trail" and literally bring it to Nephi."

That was a message from the director of the pageant. Just a completely regular Nephi resident who wanted to portray the story in a way that people would truly understand and feel of the spirit he imagined would have been felt while crossing the plains. Well folks, he sure was successful. At least with this 20 year old who was watching. It was amazing and I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to go. It incredibly unexpectedly made me bawl through more than half of it, and I loved it! :) So much in fact, that after going on Thursday with Star Kyrs and Saryn, we went again on Saturday except this time taking Taryn and Cam because they were not able to go.

 After 6 years of performances, the pageant has come to an end. A thought that distresses me as I was just fortunate enough to see it one season. But I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that I had to see it at all!

Here are some pictures. I am telling you, it was legit! 

  My Backyard!
**The narrator in the play and the main character's name was Frances Webster. He was in the Martin Handcart Company. Right after him and his family got to the Salt Lake Valley, Brother Brigham asked them to go south and settle...CEDAR CITY! Doesn't that look just like my backyard? I thought so too!:)
Carrying Kyrs across the Sweetwater River.
**We are clearly actresses!

I love me some summertime pageants! :)


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