Monday, May 3, 2010

Circle of Life!!!

The above video: Specifically for Brianna and Helaman. Maija can you make sure he watches the video?! Thanks! ;)

Well friends, this is it. I am going to Africa. On Wednesday. Holy smokes. This has been one of my biggest dreams and life goals for forever, and I am actually going. It is so surreal and yet seems SO right that I am going. Talk about an emotional roller coaster these past few weeks. It has been crazy.

Most commong question when talking about going, "Are you so nervous?" Answer: Nope. Not really. I will just be gone for 4 short weeks, and yet when thinking about the fact that I am going to miss Saryn's birthday and graduation from high school, and babies being born, and marriages, and family going on makes it seem like I am going to be gone a whole lot longer.

My dearest 4 year old niece Allie got a little choked up when I was saying good bye to her this last time. As I left the house she ran to me, hugged me and said, "Aunt Kendra, I really wish those little kids in Africa had moms and dads so you would not have to leave me." Talk about tugging at my heart strings. Don't worry, we decided that when she gets to be as big as me, we are going to go to Africa together!

There is located down the road a little internet cafe...the internet is not always reliable, but we will be able to use that, and will be our only source of communication, and I would LOVE to get emails,! I am not sure what we will be able to update, hopefully our Africa blog, Check that or Facebook for adorable photos that I am sure to take while there!

And we are off! The biggest adventure I have taken in my life and I could not be more stoked! I am so excited to use this as a missionary opportunity (pray for me...I am more nervous than ever about that!) and be taught more than I could even imagine from these little ones!

Wish us luck and I love all of you and am grateful for what you mean to me!

"I bless the rains down in Africa! Gonna take some time to do the things we never have."



AHHH I can't even describe my excitement for you!! I can't wait to hear and see pictures from your adventure the only thing better would be experiencing it with you! Can I please go with you and Allie when we're older? :)

Cali Haynie Rutter

So exciting! I'm going to miss you so much!!! But you are going to have so much fun!!! and it's only 4 weeks! It will be okay!!

I love you so much! Be safe and take lots of pictures!! Love you


I am really, really jealous of you going to Africa! Make sure you have a fantastic time and blog a ton about it because I would love to here it!

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